10 Best TV Shows You Can Watch From Start to Finish According To The Internet

Christinia Hendricks
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“What’s a good tv series that can pass the time in, let’s say, 14 days?” a user on a popular internet forum asks. Here is what the internet recommends.

1. Bob’s Burgers

Bob's Burgers
Image Credit: Wilo Productions.

In the past few years, animated television geared toward adults increased in popularity and content. One of the most entertaining cartoons is one you don’t need to devote a lot of mind space toward. Bob’s Burgers centers around the Belcher family: three hilarious kids, the caring mom, Linda, and her burger-restaurant-owning husband, Bob. The family struggles to keep the business alive in each episode and constantly finds themselves in shenanigans. 

2. Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights
Image Credit: Universal Television.

“Friday Night Lights is awesome even if you don’t like football. It’s definitely one of the few shows where I basically couldn’t get anything done for the week I was binging it,” a tv enthusiast shares. 

The show’s premise revolves around a football team and its award-winning coach, and the family and friends associated with the team. 

3. The Wire

The Wire
Image Credit: HBO Entertainment.

This riveting crime drama offers a different lens than most crime shows. The show, set in Baltimore, focuses on the police system, those affected by it, and those involved with the force. 

4. Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls
Image Credit: Disney Television Animation.

Some animated shows are written for adults and catered toward them, but Gravity Falls aired on Disney Channel yet finds fans of all ages. One person writes, “The wife would catch me watching gravity falls after the kids went outside to play. Nothing more humbling than being told to turn off the cartoons and go outside as a grown man.”

When Mabel and Dipper move to a mysterious Oregonian town with their uncle, they find the city and their uncle’s shop harbor more secrets than they first thought. The show is only two seasons, and the episodes run between 20 and 24 minutes.  

5. The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House
Image Credit: Paramount Television.

If you’re a horror fan, check out this adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s novel. Mike Flanagan directed the 2018 miniseries about a family who moves into a large victorian mansion with more than deep history embedded in the walls. 

6. Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass
Image Credit: Intrepid Pictures.

Mike Flanagan also directs Midnight Mass, and relays a story about a priest who lands in a seaside town determined to deliver his sinister sermons. Depending on who you ask, this show leaves you questioning morality and reality long after concluding the viewing. 

7. The Expanse

The Expanse
Image Credit: Alcon Television Group.

“The Expanse is such a good show. The props/wardrobe/practical effects/cgi are all outstanding. It seems like the most accurate portrayal of space I’ve seen in a while,” a The Expanse fan says. 

The Expanse places viewers 200 years in the future in the solar system humans now occupy. Earth and Mars are at war, and a detective and captain begin to search for a missing woman. The show combines crime drama with sci-fi making for a thrilling binge-watch. 

8. Mad Men 

Christina Hendricks and Aaron Staton in Mad Men (2007)
Image Credit: Weiner Bros. Productions.

Mad Men appeals to those who like rewatches and delving into characters’ heads. Mad Men is a character study of the main character, Don Draper, an ad executive. Most viewers claim they’ve watched Mad Men dozens of times, with each rewatch entertaining them more than the last. 

9. Trailer Park Boys 

John Paul Tremblay, Mike Smith, and Robb Wells in Trailer Park Boys (2001)
Image Credit: Trailer Park Productions.

This comedy focuses on three men living in a Sunnyvale trailer park who attempt to gather some cash through petty crimes. The boys often run into the trailer park supervisors to elevate the stakes and comedy. 

10. Mr. Robot 

Rami Malek in Mr. Robot (2015)
Image Credit: Universal Content Productions.

Remi Malek plays an antisocial cybersecurity engineer who comes into contact with a group of hackers, and one of the companies they target is the one he works for as an engineer. Does he stay loyal to his day job or his morals?

“I absolutely love Mr. Robot and sad to see it ended, but – it ended on a high note. Too many TV shows have new seasons that dilute the story and aren’t really necessary. Mr. Robot is perfect in that regard. The cinematography is stunning, and one of the most important things in great films that stand apart, to me at least, is the soundtrack. I believe the soundtrack in a film is the glue that holds it all together. The composer Mac Quayle did a fantastic job,” a Mr. Robot appreciator expresses. 

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