10 Common Pieces of Advice That People Hate Hearing the Most

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We all love to give advice, though are we all reading the room? Some people are tired of your advice, mine, and probably their own. Some commonly heard pieces of unwanted advice appear in a recent online post — here are the takeaways.

1. Become an Entrepreneur

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“Quit your nine-to-five job and start a business,” suggests the thread leader. Of course, owning a business sounds desirable, but in reality, it is grueling and eats more cash than it yields. “Also, ‘do what you love; turn your hobby into a job,’” adds another person who values the stability of a job contract. “More like: ‘turn your hobby into something you hate,’” jokes a third. 

2. Turn the Other Cheek

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“Just ignore him; you’re giving him more power by being upset,” laments someone who may have been emotionally abused. I quite enjoy ignoring people whose opinions mean nothing to me. However, others disagree with my perspective. “No one will get bored if you ignore them,” advises the commenter. “They’ll just see you’re weak and can keep doing it for the audience.” 

3. Fight Your Bully

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In contrast, some people feel compelled to tell a bullied kid to fight back against their aggressor, though bullies predominantly punch down. “Most kids who are getting bullied aren’t going to be able to beat their bully,” reminds a father who warns parents against thinking their children “are going to have some epic movie moment.” 

4. Smile for the Camera

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“Why are you depressed?” jokes the following poster. “Just be happy.” We all feel you, oh thread commenter. Nothing irks me more than having a bad day and some perennial smiler attempting to brighten you up. “Oh, you’re in pain?” adds another sarcastic observer, building on the theme. “Suck it up!”

5. It Could Be Worse

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Some people — even best friends — love to set their own minds at ease, deflecting ill feelings away with pseudo-philosophical advice. “Get over it,” confirms a thread member. “Other people have it worse.” When we feel down or disenfranchised, the last thing we need to hear is that people have it worse — we are more concerned with those who have it better. 

6. Nap on Command

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Those who have raised children will have flashbacks of sleep deprivation and subsequent misery that can follow. A young infant will sleep every few hours, providing merciful respite for the parents. However, it becomes a choice to nap then, do important chores, or engage in much-needed fun. Some of us can’t just sleep on command. “Sleep when the baby sleeps,” says a joking parent. “I can’t sleep while I’m driving, Susan.”

7. For a Reason

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“Everything happens for a reason,” says someone whose mockery is almost audible. The idea that we are all aligned in some metaphysical manifest destiny is curious. Some humans believe we are and often repeat the much-clichéd wisdom nugget. “Worst sentence ever,” one commenter agrees. “Some things happen for no reason at all.”

8. Unsolicited Advice

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One thread member hits the nail on the proverbial head with this tidbit. “Unsolicited advice is just criticism in a trenchcoat,” asserts the contributor. I am a huge fan of solicited advice; nothing beats picking someone’s brains for their knowledge. However, unless I ask for it, please don’t offer advice — especially with parenting. “I have a client at work who always needs to pass on some of his sage old-man wisdom every time he comes in,” claims another observer. “It gets old fast.”

9. Turn It off and on Again

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I only like hearing this sentence as a sarcastic piece of mock advice, but those who keep giving it must be stopped! “My mum does this with anything electronic,” explains a reply. “She doesn’t know the first thing about computers, but she’ll always suggest turning it off and on again.” 

10. Just Go To Bed Earlier

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“If you can’t sleep, just go to bed earlier,” says another commenter. Anyone who has endured insomnia will scoff at such silliness. “Deep sleepers giving advice to light sleepers is just insulting,” moans a commenter. “I could barely wake you up if I tried, and you just breathing differently is enough to wake me up.” Guilty; I sleep like a well-fed animal. 

What’s the most irritating advice you keep hearing? 

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