10 Commonly Used Phrases That Are Instant Red Flags

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We’ve all heard these phrases regularly. Generally, they give us a good idea about whether or not the people saying them should be avoided. 

A recent online discussion asks what commonly used phrases are instant red flags. Here are the top responses.

1 – Trust Me, I’m Not Like The Others

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Yes, you are. You’re like everyone else.

If anything, you might be worse than everyone else, and this is your attempt to disarm people. 

2 – Do You Know Who I Am?

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Unless you’re Tony Hawk, who infamously is constantly told he looks exactly like Tony Hawk, there’s no need to utter this phrase.

I don’t care who you are. You aren’t deserving of special treatment just for being famous. 

3 – We Are Like Family Here

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Many warn people that if you’re starting a new job and you’re told everyone is like a family, it’s a sign to run for the hills.

Just because you’re a family doesn’t mean you don’t fight and bicker.

4 – I’m An Alpha Male

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A growing trend is for men to try to prove their masculinity by saying they’re “Alpha” or dominant. 

If you need to announce it, then you might be compensating for something. 

5  All Of My Exes Are Crazy!

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If you have one ex that’s crazy, maybe we can believe you.

If ten of your exes are crazy, there’s one common thread there: you.

6 – People Don’t Like Me Because I’m Blunt

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No, they don’t like you because you’re a jerk.

Even the most brutally honest people know when to keep their mouths shut. 

7 – People These Days Are Just Lazy

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Or maybe people don’t want to work long hours for very little pay. You don’t know what everyone’s situation or deal is. Maybe they can’t work because of home obligations!

Many argue that people aren’t lazier today than in past generations. They just don’t want to be overworked for little to no reward. 

8 – I Don’t Mean To Be Rude, But…

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Yes, you do. You’re just saying that, hoping no one is mad at you for being rude.

Any time someone adds this type of disclaimer followed by the word “but,” they’re just using it as an excuse to say something rude or inconsiderate. 

9 – That Sounds Like A You Problem

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It’s natural to be empathetic to people and their struggles. Sometimes all people need is a shoulder to cry on or a helpful hand.

When someone tells you that their problem is none of their business and they need to deal with it, that’s someone who shouldn’t be in our lives. 

10 – I’m Actually A Nice Person

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You may need to look in the mirror if you need this disclaimer.

If you are nice, there’s no need to remind people about that. 

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