10 Examples of a Single Person Ruining It for the Rest of Us

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Life is hard for those of us who appreciate what we have. Other people, however, never know where to draw the line, thus spoiling a good thing for everyone. According to a recent online discussion thread, here are ten frustrating examples of when a single person ruins it for us all.

1. Richard Reid, “The Shoe Bomber”

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“The guy who attempted to smuggle a bomb in his shoe in 2001,” suggests the opening thread poster. “Now we all have to suffer taking our shoes off at airport security every time we fly.” Those who remember the post-9/11 climate will recall when would-be terrorist Richard Reid was thwarted from detonating a bomb in his shoes.

2. Just That Guy

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“At a previous job, we got full uniforms: shirts, pants, hats, hoodies, winter coveralls, winter coats, gloves; but we didn’t get shoes or boots,” explains a former construction worker. Sadly for him, a colleague was selling his boots and then requesting replacements. “When they (the company) caught on, they stopped giving out boots to their employees.”

3. No More, Sucker

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The age of litigation began many years ago, and with that came the end of all fun as we know it. “The person who apparently choked on a lollipop at my bank, and now we don’t get lollipops anymore,” notes a bank worker. “Honestly, we could blame their insurance company,” someone else counters.

4. Give Them an Inch

Couples shocked
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A firefighter laments how his squadron once had a sweet ten-percent discount at a national barbecue chain that they lost due to abuse of the privilege.

“Had people going in uniform on days they didn’t work,” he says. “Had one guy hold a family reunion at a local restaurant then made a big issue they wouldn’t give his entire party the discount. I don’t understand how out of touch people can be.”

5. Remote Control

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After an office colleague, who was supposed to be working from home, received a work call while shopping at the local mall, they ruined it for everyone. “Said person eventually admitted they were not home working, got fired, and now everyone had to be in the office five days a week.” It is maybe for the best they lost their job; their colleagues may have murdered them on their return.

6. Musical Purgatory

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This story has a movie scene in it somewhere. A retail worker regrets letting his buddy choose the playlist one day at their store, where the manager allowed staff to choose the music each day. “I wasn’t working that day, but apparently Mike thought playing Rage Against the Machine’s self-titled album was a good idea,” they explain.

“And, of course, “Killing in the Name” played while upper management was passing through. Several f-bombs later, there was a policy change.” Mike, how could you?

7. Oh No, He Didn’t

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One military man tells the story of another basic training recruit who missed the memo on waiting for your platoon to sit down before you eat because once a single person was done, the whole platoon was too. “This one tee who happened to sit early finished his dinner before the other side of the table even got to start,” says the commenter.

“This same trainee did the exact same thing the next day, except now it was breakfast, so a few people didn’t get dinner or breakfast.” After the platoon meted out retribution in the locker room later that day, they never stood early again.

8. Dodge That

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According to one contributor, a youth club dodgeball game took a dark turn. “One of the kids thought it would be a good idea to shove a rock into one of the balls and throw it at someone he didn’t like,” recounts the observer. You know what is coming, don’t you? “He ended up throwing it right into that kid’s face and broke two of his front teeth. We never played dodgeball again.”

9. Darwinian Dad

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In a scene straight out of a comedy flick, one commenter remembers an overnight school field trip at a local ski resort. Her father volunteered to be a chaperone and was given command of the snow-tubing group, where he let his daughter and “five other girls” pile onto the same tube together. “Two of them busted their arms when we all landed in a pile. It looked like a cartoon,” she says. “30 years later, everyone at the school still blames my dad.”

10. Bulldogs Gonna Bulldog

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This story hits home with me, as I went to a British elementary school during the barbaric ’80s. “In the ’80s, we had this game called British Bulldog; it was fun and a laugh for all involved,” explains the Englishman. “Then Barry had to clothesline a skinny kid and collapsed his windpipe, so all of a sudden, Bulldog got banned, and we couldn’t choke each other out anymore.” Nice one, Barry.


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