10 Games That Are Prime Examples of Great Idea But Terrible Execution

Halo Infinite
Image Credit: Xbox Game Studios.

Some video games fly under the radar while in development and catch gamers by surprise. By contrast, unfortunately, some video games are hyped up to such an extent that they can’t possibly live up to expectations. Recently, gamers worldwide converged in an online discussion to reveal which games had horrible execution, despite being good ideas at their core.

1. Anthem

Photo Credits: BioWare.

Gamers worldwide had high hopes for this 2019 game, and developer Electronic Arts promised to redefine the action-role-playing genre and deliver an unparalleled experience. Unfortunately, its ambitions were too high, and millions of gamers were disappointed.

“Core gameplay felt amazing,” he recalls. “Personalization was great. The combos were really satisfying. It could’ve been amazing, and many people wanted it to be good, but Anthem wasn’t.”

2. Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered

Final Fantasy 16 Won't Be Delayed Again
Photo Credit: Square Enix (Note: Final Fintasy XVI is pictured).

It’s rare for any Final Fantasy game to be regarded in a negative light. Still, this title’s bizarre insistence on requiring the player to constantly play the game’s multiplayer mode to advance the story caused a lot of headaches! Epic games like this shouldn’t have an “always-on” internet component tied into it, despite the developer’s best intentions. 

3. The Sims

The Sims Are Some of the Best EA Games
Photo Credit: Electronic Arts.

Ever since its release in 2000, The Sims has captured the attention of millions of players with its virtual-life simulation. Unfortunately, every subsequent iteration of the popular series kept introducing mechanics many gamers disliked, especially pay-to-win items and unfair in-game purchases. The concept sounded great on paper but ultimately felt nothing more than a cash grab.

4. No Man’s Sky

best co-op games of all time No Man's Sky
Photo Credits: Hello Games.

Like many titles on this list, 2016’s No Man’s Sky suffered due to the intense hype surrounding its release. Ultimately, this open-world space exploration game suffered from plenty of bugs at launch, turning off many gamers.

Even today, plenty of people lament this ambition title. “I’ve tried picking it back up a few times here and there, but every time, I just can’t play for more than a few hours,” confesses one man. “The work and dedication they’ve put into it is super admirable, but I feel like I’ll just never be able to get into it, which is a shame because the core idea is great. I also love space.”

5. Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

Couples playing video game
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This 2005 title was released with great fanfare, as its third-person shooting mechanics and the ability to destroy everything the player came across promised a new frontier for gamers! But, unfortunately, once players looked past the endless explosions and destruction, they were left with a run-of-the-mill shooter made countless times before. 

6. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Is the Most Critically Acclaimed Nintendo Switch Exclusive
Photo Credit: Nintendo.

When discussing any widely loved game, speaking out against it is often blasphemous. For The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, some people aren’t afraid to call it out. “I’m going to get some hate, but Breath of the Wild had awful execution,” confesses one hardcore gamer.

“It just wasn’t a Zelda game. Of course, it had the characters and lore, but other than that, it was something completely different that would have been better as an original series.” 

7. Tom Clancy’s The Division

Woman playing video game
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Developer Ubisoft promised a genre-busting game that incorporated elements from different types of games, and understandably, gamers were pumped when the game was released in 2016. Sadly, the reviews quickly revealed the game as a disjointed mess.

With gamers accusing Ubisoft of melding in too many mechanics from existing games resulting in a subpar experience, the franchise only had staying power once the sequel arrived years later.

8. Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves
Source: Microsoft.

Microsoft’s Sea of Thieves was hyped as the logical progression of a swashbuckling adventure game, promising high-stakes pirate adventures for millions of gamers. In retrospect, it was a brilliant idea, but gamers didn’t think Microsoft pulled it off.

“It had so much potential!” cries one woman. “The art design is excellent. The basic gameplay loops are fun, but it needs base building, territorial control, or something to make all that questing and treasure hunting pay off.” 

9. Fallout 76

fallout game MMORPG
Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks.

The original Fallout titles are classic games that captured the feel of a small pocket of humans surviving the nuclear holocaust. However, when Fallout 76 was released in 2018, gamers were shocked to encounter a world that resembled more of a bustling suburbia filled with people as opposed to the desolate post-apocalyptic land that defined the series.The progression in the game’s canon was a decent idea, but it could have been executed better – it was too big of a leap. 

10. Halo Infinite

Here are some hints on racking up kill assists in Halo Infinite: Multiplayer
Image Via Xbox Game Studios.

When a franchise is best known for its incredible multiplayer experience, each subsequent release has to build on that reputation. Unfortunately, in 2021, gamers were shell-shocked by the poorly constructed online multiplayer mode – and as a result, more and more players moved on to other first-person shooters.

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