10 Horrifying Facts You Probably Wish You Hadn’t Learned

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Learning never ends, they say. And while some enjoy classroom learning, others prefer occasionally stumbling into weird facts on the internet.

If you enjoy weird trivia, here’s one article you would find interesting. We’ve carefully compiled 10 not-so-fun facts from an online forum that may excite you — or ruin your idea of something.

1. The Gympie-Gympie

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Horses are one of the scariest creatures when they get erratic. One stomp from their hooves could reunite you with your ancestors. But the gympie-gympie, a weird and oddly befitting name for the tree, is even more dangerous.

According to reports, “It has such a severe sting that horses who brush against it throw themselves off cliffs because they’d rather die than continue to experience the pain.”

Some claim this is false, but better to be safe than sorry, eh? So if you see a plant that could be a gympie-gympie, best to keep your distance.

2. Sloth Secrets

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Everyone knows sloths are lazy — a whole sin was named after them. Still, some people don’t know just how lazy they are.

“Sloths only have enough energy for their weekly toilet trip to the jungle floor.”

You know how they say a mother’s love is second to none? Not with sloths. “If their baby falls from their underside in the trees onto the floor, they choose to preserve their energy and leave it to be eaten.”

3. Penguins Are Sexual Predators

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If you’re like me and most of your knowledge of penguins comes from Happy Feet, then it’ll disappoint you to learn their true nature.

Scientists once witnessed males having sex with other males and dead females, including several that had died the previous year. He also saw them sexually coerce females and chicks and occasionally off them. It was “horrific.”

It’s always the cute ones you should watch out for — we see you, Dolphins.

4. Guess What Happens When a Hamster Is Stressed?

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Humans need to give themselves more credit. Under pressure, they visit the therapist, stay in bed, eat cookies and watch Netflix, or do chores — really, just anything asides from looking at their children and seeing hamburgers.

We can’t say the same for hamsters. One person shares a “fun” memory from their childhood:

“I had a hamster I had no idea was female. She had seven babies. She ate three and suffocated the other four.” Let’s blame the pregnancy hormones.

5. Horses Can’t Throw Up

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“Millions of years of evolving, and they still can’t vomit,” someone says.

It is true, though. Just open your mouth and let it out, Billy!

According to a contributor, “If they eat something bad or get a bad gas bubble, they just lay down and die.”

6. Urine as a Cleaning Agent

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You could skip this one if you’re easily disgusted, but we both know you’re here for the dirty deets, so here goes:

“Urine was used for teeth whitening and bleaching of clothes in Ancient Rome. Yes, they rinsed their mouth with human AND animal urine,” a commenter claims. People in Ancient Rome also probably walked around holding their noses.

7. The Birds Will Always Be a Threat

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Even though they make excellent pets, one mistake with them and we could re-unleash a plague on humanity.

Everyone knows about bird flu and its dangers, and knowing the threat of an outbreak is always there should make humans more careful. “It takes just a little bit of negligence in screening chickens for this to happen.”

8. Acting Out In Your Sleep May Be a Cause For Concern

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One individual shares a finding they wish they knew sooner.

“Certain sleep disorders that cause you to act out your dreams are strong predictors that you’re developing a neurodegenerative disorder like Parkinson’s or Lewy body dementia,” they write.

Luckily, you know that now.

9. Pandas and Grizzlies

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Pandas and grizzlies have different relationships with their newborns.

“Often when pandas have cubs if they have more than one, they will choose which one to keep and abandon the other because she can’t care for two,” a contributor says.

“Grizzlies are the opposite. If they have a litter of just one, sometimes they’ll abandon it and try to mate the next year again to try for a litter of multiple cubs.”

10. A Blue-Ringed Octopus

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Blue-ringed octopuses contain a potent neurotoxin called tetrodotoxin, lethal to humans. You find them (but you shouldn’t) in tide pools and coral reefs around the Pacific and Indian oceans.

In the words of a contributor, “It’s a cute little guy.” However, “one painless bite gives enough venom to kill 25 male adults.”

I told you, it’s the cute ones you should watch out for.

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