10 Huge Companies That Dominate the Market But Are Ripe for a Downfall

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In 2023, just because a company has a vice grip on the market doesn’t necessarily mean the general public respects them. In fact, in many cases, people think some of the biggest companies in the world are overrated. Recently, men and women met in an online discussion to uncover the gigantic companies that are on the downswing. 

1 – Starbucks

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No one can deny the impressive staying power of Starbucks. Their name is ubiquitous with coffee and coffee-related products, and the company stands atop the entire beverage industry. However, in its quest for world dominance, millions of coffee lovers confess that other, smaller coffee companies have stepped up and beaten Starbucks in the quality department in recent years. As a result, Starbucks has a different reputation than it did during its glory years. 

2 – Google

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - November 9, 2020: New office building in Dubai Internet City-Dubai Media City district displays Google and Ericsson logos on either side of the building.
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Although they still are a world leader in technology, many profess that the glory days of Google are long gone. “I think Google has gone past its peak,” reports one man. “Ten years ago, it seemed like driverless cars were just a few years away, and they had so many neat projects in the pipeline.

Nowadays, its products are becoming increasingly filled with ads. Also, the company spending billions on stock buybacks rather than further investment in research and development is a sign that they’ve run out of ideas.” It will be interesting to follow Google’s trajectory over the coming years – let’s see if they can get back on track. 

3 – Meta

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In the eyes of countless people, Meta is in the middle of a freefall. From Instagram ceasing to be the mecca of photo-sharing social media platforms to Facebook turning into a town hall for our parents to argue politics all day, there isn’t a product Meta has in its portfolio that curries favor with the general public – unless you’re addicted to social media, of course. 

4 – Disney

Disney theme park.
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It’s no surprise that Disney is cited by many as being overrated. From their influence on local and national politics to the fact that bringing your family to their theme parks could send you into financial peril, there’s not a lot to be excited about as far as Disney is concerned. 

5 – Tesla

Bakersfield, CA - December 18, 2017: Tesla Super Charging station on Stockdale Hwy and the 5 fwy. Tesla Supercharger stations allow Tesla cars to be fast-charged at the network within an hour.
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The writing is on the wall: Other electric vehicle manufacturers have caught up to Tesla recently, putting a dent in their market share. Tesla is no longer the only game in town, and with more options than ever, many view Tesla as a day-one pioneer that has ultimately been lapped by more recent offerings from Hyundai, Ford, and Volkswagen. 

6 – Uber

Soest, Germany - August 4, 2019: Uber driver holding smartphone in Volkswagen car. Uber is an American company offering transportation services online.
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Despite revolutionizing the ride-sharing industry, Uber has yet to turn a profit over its 14-year history. As a result, many believe the tech powerhouse to be a sheep in wolf’s clothing. “The company burns through so much money, has never been profitable, has a ton of competition, it’s banned in some countries/cities, but Uber still has a market cap of $80 billion,” argues one man.

7 – Target (and Wal-Mart)

Scottsdale, Arizona / USA - February 12, 2014: The exterior facade and bright red bullseye signage of the Target store located in Far North Scottsdale, Arizona on February 12, 2014.
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While these two big-box retailers undoubtedly give millions of people jobs and offer items at unbeatable prices, there has been pushback by the general public recently.

“They really are the same company, in that they have completely upended city planning, they’ve caused the closure of multiple locally owned businesses, and their undercutting prices have put onuses on manufacturers to cut quality, cut sizing, or even ship jobs away,” says one woman. That’s quite the scathing takedown if you ask me!

8 – Apple

Apple company
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In 2023, Apple exists solely as a high-end luxury brand – and nothing more. “Anything Apple-related is super expensive, everything, from tablets to phones to earbuds, simply due to brand name,” explains one man. “So, kudos to them for marketing brilliance, but my Android phone and Surface tablet are awesome and cheaper.” As an Android user, I agree that Apple’s products are overpriced, and people buy them just to be “seen” with them.

9 – Microsoft

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Unless you’re a Mac user, Microsoft’s Windows operating system has most likely been a part of your life for decades. But, unfortunately, in many people’s eyes, Microsoft’s lack of innovation in the space and stubborn refusal to improve Windows substantially turns countless people off. Many believe Microsoft exists to keep the status quo instead of being the driving force behind tech innovation. 

10 – Subway

Subway sandwiches menu counter, made to order customer, shopping mall food court, Saugus, Massachusetts USA - November 9, 2016
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The promise of “five dollar footlongs” is long gone, and consumers in 2023 are finding out that buying a simple sandwich from Subway is more expensive than they could imagine. In addition, countless diners report sandwiches that are not exactly stuffed to the brim with meat and vegetables, leading them to search for more satisfying sandwich options. 

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