10 Incredibly Illegal Things Modern Society Somehow Accepts As Normal

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Rules make the world much better, even though they may often take the fun out of things. For example, speed limits prevent accidents — and we’ve seen many speeding-induced accidents in the movies. While many have been involved in the real deal.

Similarly, many other things fall under the “illegal” umbrella to make the world a safer, guided place. However, people are normalizing “little things” that seem harmless but are illegal for a reason. Here are some examples an online forum recently discussed.

1 – Going Over The Speed Limit

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“Speeding 5-10 MPH over the limit.” Speed limits are there for a reason, and though they may make the ride less enjoyable, it is critical to obey them. Even though you are late to work or an event, they say it is better to be late than to be late. It’s alarming how people have normalized over-speeding, forgetting how it also puts the lives of others at risk.

2 – Texting And Driving

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It’s the 21st century, and people think texting and driving is cool. This is also a leading cause of road accidents. Every road safety expert would advise road users never to drink and drive, and they have good reason to. Unfortunately, it has become way too common. People say they see more than a dozen road users violating this rule.

3 – Extortion

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Especially with college textbook prices. It’s general knowledge that students live on a budget, and half of them are responsible for themselves at college. Recently, textbooks and school materials have suffered a high price spike that can only be extortion.

It has also led to digital piracy, another illegal activity, being normalized. Someone says, “Thanks to those textbook prices, some colleges now have a culture of pirating them.”

4 – Marijuana Use

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This is controversial, as it is legal in some countries (and states) and illegal in most. Still, it is widely used in countries where it is unlawful. Under some health circumstances, health experts may prescribe it. However, society has normalized its use.

5 – Piracy

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Remember those adverts that went, “You wouldn’t steal a car or dress, would you?” Bring those back. Rihanna called out her fans in one concert for pirating her music instead of buying it. Even though it was a playful tease, pirating is hurtful to the owner of the art and disrespectful to the art. Folks need to remember how serious of an offense it is.

6 – Bullying

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Bullying comes in many forms, but the context here is when boys bully girls to show they “like” them. Sadly, it only seems romantic in the movies; in real life, it’s just as infuriating as any other form of bullying.

What’s worse is that the girls often have to deal with this alone because adults tell them a boy who bullies them has a crush on them.

7 – Police Officers Breaking The Law

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It is becoming more common for police officers to break the laws they were sworn in to enforce. This includes police officers being brutal, racist, and needlessly violent toward citizens. Everyone is speaking up on this. Also, if police officers are offenders of the law, how can they penalize others for defaulting?

8 – Faking College Degrees 

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While faking a degree is not in the books as illegal, it is a fraudulent activity, all the same, and poses a threat to society. 

Imagine a world where people no longer care about college degrees because they know how common it is to fake one. Because of this, employers care less about academic degrees, discrediting others who work hard for their degrees. 

9 – Littering

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You pose a threat to the entire planet when you litter. No one wants to see fast food wrappers or empty bottles everywhere. I agree with someone who says, “Littering is so annoying, especially cause it’s so easy to use a trashcan or ashtray.”

10 – Underage Drinking

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Internet folks want teenagers to know that no law states that every teenager must drink alcohol to be cool.

On the contrary, the law discourages minors from drinking. Most drinkers don’t even know why they drink — except that they are trying to fit in. So, if, as a minor, you ever fill the need to drink alcohol, remember you always have the right to say no.

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