10 Items That Were Supposed To Change The World But Floppped

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We’ve all heard it before: a new piece of technology or product that will change the world forever. Yet a year after the release, it’s clear that they didn’t do that. According to a recent online discussion, here are ten things that were sold as “the next big thing” but ultimately flopped. 

1 – The Windows Phone

Windows Phone
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Microsoft was so confident that they held a funeral for Apple’s iPhone during the introduction of the Windows Phone. Years later, the iPhone is still going strong. The Windows Phone, however, is dead and gone.

2 – The Zune

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Poor Microsoft. They may be able to buy Activision Blizzard for billions of dollars, but they can’t catch a break when it comes to hardware. Like the Windows Phone, the Zune was targeted as an alternative to the iPod. It went just as poorly. 

3 – Universal Pictures’ Dark Universe

The Mummy
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Remember when Tom Cruise starred in a reboot of The Mummy? Remember how it was supposed to kickstart a connected universe of movies featuring various villains? Yeah, that didn’t work out too well. 

4 – Google Glass

Google Glass
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It feels like a lifetime ago when Google unveiled its smart glasses. While they seemed like something from a futuristic sci-fi movie, they were panned as a danger to copyright laws and privacy.

5 – Nintendo Virtual Boy

Best Virtual Boy Games
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In a similar vein, Nintendo released the Virtual Boy in 1995 as a way to play games in virtual reality. Unfortunately for Nintendo, the device was widely panned and is a critical and commercial flop. 

6 – Metaverse

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Speaking of virtual reality, the Metaverse was touted as a way for people to meet in virtual spaces. Unfortunately for the Metaverse, it looked way too cartoony and was a total failure. 

7 – NFTs 

Konami is releasing NFT's based on Castlevania
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Remember when the crypto world moved to NFTs as the future and a way to acquire digital artwork and invest? Good times. Video game companies tried to push them, too, as indicated by the Castlevania NFT pictured above. People weren’t interested, however. 

8 – Google Stadia

Google Stadia
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Like Microsoft, Google is 0 for 2 on this list. Stadia promised a world where gamers could stream their favorite games onto the console, but it was as an idea than a practice. The performance was not reliable. 

9 – Moviepass

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The subscription service allowed moviegoers to see as many movies as they wanted for a monthly cost. However, the service quickly ran out of money. 

10 – Betamax

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Despite being a superior product in terms of video quality, Betamax lacked that hardware support and was more expensive than VHS. 

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