10 Little Things That Blew Men’s Minds After First Discovering Them

An self-entitled and mean young woman lectures and berates two poor women about their looks and social status.
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Sometimes the everyday stuff that seems ordinary, or you think should be public knowledge, can be a mind-blowing discovery for people. It can happen to the best of us! A member of an online community asked men about something that blew their minds when they found out about it. Their answers may surprise you.

1. The Observatory

Astronomical observatory for science research of space and cosmos.
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This discovery is a one-of-a-kind experience. The commenter was out running in Chicago when he came around a small building close to a lake. The door was open, and curiosity got the best of him, and he went in. He peeked in to see an older man with a big gray beard sitting on a big chair among various machines, looking all Gandalf-y. Gandalf looked at him and asked if he would like to look at the sun with him. He said yes and stayed with this man for the next half hour, gazing at the sun. He admits that the time spent at the observatory was awesome and didn’t know things like that existed outside of movies.

2. Once-in-A-lifetime Friends

Two amusing indian guys laughing out loud on outdoor walking in park. Once-in-A-lifetime Friends
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You meet someone for the first time in a public place and have a stimulating conversation with them, knowing fully well that there is little to zero chance of you both crossing paths again. Yup, that is a once-in-a-lifetime friend. Most men share their experiences with this, and they all agree that it was something they might never forget. One commenter describes it as “a small joy of life.”

3. The Mundane Moments

Very bored adult man with beard holding hand on cheek while support it with another crossed hand, looking tired and sick. The Mundane Moments
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We often prefer the exciting and fun-filled days to the not-so-fun and “boring” days. But who says they aren’t just as important? One person explains that most times, we take these uneventful days and moments for granted and only see them as gifts when we have a terrible day. The day you see that the mundane moments are also part of your good days might be when you change how you see life — it certainly changed their lives once they discovered it.

4. Invisible School Buses

handsome school bus driver smiling and driving
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Someone’s opinion of a mind-blowing first-time experience (that continues to blow their mind) was when they were a school bus driver. In their words, “that a 40-foot long, bright yellow object, festooned with flashing lights is completely invisible to so many drivers is truly mind-boggling.” There were a bunch of responses that agreed with this statement. Not just school buses, but also add fire trucks, ambulances, and any big trucks on the road. The bigger the car, the easier it should be to see it, but it seems to be the opposite — mind-blowing stuff.

5. The Benefits of Jotting Things Down

american student in glasses making notes writing down information. The Benefits of Jotting Things Down
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There’s something about writing down your thoughts and letting them out without the fear of judgment. Also, it’s a great way to process your feelings in difficult situations. The testimonials from people who learned about this and started doing it prove that there is truth here. Someone who tried it and whom it worked for says it might seem silly that writing things down would do anything, but it does.

6. Entitled People

An self-entitled and mean young woman lectures and berates two poor women about their looks and social status.
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Entitlement is slowly becoming the norm. It shouldn’t be a surprising thing when entitled people cross our paths. Still, for most men, their first encounter with entitled folks is something they will never forget. Entitlement is why most women expect a man to pay on every date, pay her bills, and act a certain way. It’s worst when women expect these standards from men but aren’t willing to put in the same, or even any, effort. Entitlement has become a disease eating deeply into this generation, and most men find it unbelievable when they encounter a person with this mentality.

7. The Death of the Sun

Rear view of a young man admiring the sunset on the beach. The Death of the Sun
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Someone discovered when he was a kid that the sun would expand and destroy everything on Earth. What a bummer! The knowledge hit him harder than it should have and made him rethink everything. He also got a valid reason to “slack off in elementary school.” The sun dying out is a fact that hunts people well into their 30s and 40s. Good thing it’s not happening till at least a couple of billion years.

8. Exercise and Mental Health

Indian man with fitness tracker exercising and doing squats. Exercise and Mental Health
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It’s incredible how much difference being active and watching what we eat can make. Many people who have gone down this path have reported that it has worked wonders for them. It helped their mental health, and someone added that for them, it seems to work more efficiently than therapy, being on medications, or anything else they have tried.

9. Discovery of Spade

Boy digging on a grass field in the countryside. Discovery of Spade
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This is a personal favorite. A man shares a memory from when he was six years old (1995). He recounted how he wanted to dig a hole and went to get his grandpa’s hammer to do it. Let that sit with you for a moment. His grandpa saw this sorry sight and gave the young lad a bonk on his head with a spade and told him to use it instead. When he saw that the spade was doing the job efficiently, his brain “felt like it would short circuit.” It was a Eureka. That left him bedazzled for a year; he hasn’t forgotten that.

10. Kaizen

Business, Technology, Internet and network concept. Young businessman shows the word Continuous improvement
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Kaizen is of Japanese origin; it means continuous improvements with small, positive steps instead of giant strides. A commenter shares that “the key to getting big things done is a little bit of work every day (or every week, or every month) over a long period of time.” The concept of Kaizen is there to show the truth in this. Giving 10% every day is better than giving 90% once a month. It’s a mind shift that can help people be consistent and get positive results.

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