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10 Most Uncomfortable Feelings in the World According to the Internet

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What gives you cold sweats? That feeling makes you so uncomfortable you wish to sink into your chair and evaporate from existence? The internet shares their favorites below.

1. Pre-Vomit

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Saliva swells in your mouth, and you struggle to hold down your lunch, but to no avail. You know you’re about to vomit. “Even worse was experiencing this feeling as a child. As an adult, it’s uncomfortable, but it’s not distressing or confusing. I just know I have to puke, so I go do it and move on with my life. When I was a kid, it was very much like, what is this?”

2. Come to My Office

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Have you ever had a boss come up to you while minding your business at work? They say, “I need to see you in my office?” and you dream up the worst conclusions, ending in your permanent banning from your occupation. Many users believe this is the worst feeling, even if the boss gives you a promotion.

3. Third-Wheeling a Friend

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A few friends invite you to a small get-together, and after polite hellos, you grab a snack and sit back in your chair. Soon, two friends in the group make a million inside jokes to each other and cackle at each one, almost as if they’re bragging that you don’t get the joke. So you turn into yourself a little more and check your phone, planning your escape.

4. Toddlers Whispering

Kids whisper secret in mom ear in home bedroom for trust, love and confidential talk.
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“I swear she’d exhale the entire contents of her hot little lungs directly into my ear canals. I shiver just thinking about it. To this day, I can’t stand anyone whispering anywhere near my ears,” someone shudders.

5. Waving at Someone Who Isn’t Waving to You

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Picture this: you’re walking through a shopping mall and notice some kind stranger eagerly waving in your direction. Their eyesight catches yours, and although you don’t know them, you return the gesture. A few seconds pass, and you turn around, seeing the actual recipient of their wave.

6. Suppressing a Cough

Sick man holding his chest in pain while coughing in the living room.
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“When you get that annoying cough that won’t stop when you’re in class or somewhere in public, and when you try not to cough, your eyes feel like they’re going to bulge out, and you make a sound the times worse than a cough. I hate that,” one person writes.

7. Leg Pain

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One time at a hotel in Chicago, I woke up with charley horses in both of my legs that took about 20 minutes to subside. I couldn’t move for those 20 minutes. My friends gave me water and tried to help me sit up, but the leg spasms wouldn’t allow me much room for movement. A bunch of respondents agree that restless legs or leg spasms bring the most uncomfortable pain imaginable since you can’t do much to soothe the aches.

8. You Too

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Remember the last time you saw a movie at a theatre, and the cashier gave you your ticket and said enjoy the movie. You quickly responded with you, too, paused in discomfort, and awkwardly slumped over to your screening.

9. Wet Socks

Two wet feet in grey socks
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Ever slid socks on your feet after swimming? You didn’t dry your feet off enough, and the fabric traps the water, making your feet squelch. There is no escaping the feeling until you’re able to properly dry your feet and put fresh socks on. One forum member states, “My boyfriend doesn’t mind this feeling at all. It’s actually insane.”

10. Unexpected Touching

PTSD Mental health concept, Psychologist sitting and touch young depressed asian man for encouragement near window
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“Someone standing very close to me or even touching me when I’m not expecting it. I get that it’s my own PTSD/anxiety-ridden reaction my body goes through, but it can’t be helped. The other person doesn’t know, so I don’t get mad at them. I just back away if I can. Sometimes I ask them to move back a little and explain. But then I get weird looks. It feels like a messed-up Spidey Sense. I tense up, and it doesn’t end until the person isn’t near me anymore,” a user reports.


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