10 Movie and TV Villains Nobody Wants to Admit Were Actually Right

The Rock(1996)
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The idea of terror-striking villains being right, even by the slimmest of margins, is one bitter-sweet storyline many movies, books, and TV shows have graced our pages and screens with for ages. An internet fandom of the ”very bad guys” believes it is possible to separate the vicious personalities of villains from their intents and actions, and here are some of their most insightful picks. 

1. The Reapers (Mass Effect Trilogy)

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The Reapers of the Mass Effect Trilogy have been tipped as elite-level villains but with a good cause. For one contributor who got thumbed up by many other users, the reapers, a fleet of sentient ships, fueled the mass extinction of galactic species, “‘sacrificing their entire civilization” to ensure the continuity of future lives in the universe.

 It sounds like wiping us all out of the Milky Way every fifty thousand years so that future life can exist. Considering I am young and only in my early thirties, that doesn’t sit well with me. 

2. Magneto (X-Men)

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Magneto is a complex character in the X-Men franchise and one user’s “favorite villain of all time.” He adds, “Every time his motives are brought to light, I get that ‘yeah, I kinda get it’ moment.” 

Magneto, a powerful arch-enemy of the X-Men, believes mutants like him are superior and should rule humans as second-class citizens. Not so bad an argument since many humans still treat other humans as second-class citizens, a final user points out. 

3. Scar (Lion King)

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Remember Mufasa’s brother who killed him in The Lion King? Someone thinks his reign of horror is justified because his survival in a lion’s pride that retires second-born males to obscurity depends on it. 

Another filmgoer elaborates that while Scar was a ruthless personality, his decision to bring equality to poor hyenas living in a shadowland where food was rare is spot on. 

4. Red Queen (Resident Evil)

Image Credit: Constantin Film

The Red Queen from Resident Evil has the antagonist locking down a biochemical facility that housed her and others “to prevent a world-ending virus,” a gamer on the thread explains.

Another user takes exception to the rightness of the Red Queen’s action, questioning why she never informed the rest of the crew from the onset. Finally, a third concludes that though the Red Queen was evil, she got that ‘save the world’ decision right. 

5. Mojo Jojo (Powerpuff Girls)

Image Credit: Hanna-Barbera Cartoons

Mojo Jojo is a notorious chimpanzee who doubles as a mad scientist created accidentally by a chemistry professor. He later became a death threat to the Powerpuff Girls (three super-powered little girls on a world-saving mission).

In all of Mojo Mojo’s failings, one user believes he got one thing right: bringing free energy, a novel technology, to ordinary people. 

6. Wilson (Dennis the Menace)

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

According to several people, although Wilson treated Dennis with the utmost disdain, which seemed inappropriate for a child, his bashing of Dennis was right, considering the height of mischief the imp caused everyone around him. Numerous others feel more sorry for the villain than the mischievous little boy. 

7. Stevie (Wizards of Waverly Place)

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Dubbed a wicked and manipulative wizard, Stevie’s entire aim was to ensure wizards in a family don’t surrender their powers to one of them to wield as the all-powerful, someone in the thread elucidates. 

For a final contributor, it wasn’t right that Stevie trapped her brother, but preventing magical power from getting donated to one greedy wizard at the expense of others was a genius move. 

8. Ken (Bee Movie) 

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

In a highly fictitious plot, Ken, a temperamental individual who hates bees (also because he’s allergic to them), goes berserk because a bee stole his girlfriend. Weird, isn’t it? 

Someone on the thread thinks they would have done the same (become cruel) if a bee had taken their girlfriend. Another person thinks Ken’s dislike for bees is justified because they incite his allergies. 

9. General Hummel (The Rock)

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A rogue United States Marine Corp, General Hummel, was displeased with the treatment meted on fallen marines by the U.S. military. A member of the villain fandom argues that while Hummel was a terrorist in some sense, he only went after the bad establishment with overwhelming force. 

10. The Replicants (Blade Runner)

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Replicants are monstrous humanoids with superhuman strength. Yet, despite the evil they perpetuated, one user thinks their atrocities are justified because it comes from every life’s normal instinct, which is the continuance of itself by any means necessary. 

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