10 Movies and TV Shows Where the Bad Guys Are 100% Right

10 Movies and TV Shows Where the Bad Guys Are 100% Right
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In movies and TV shows, we’re led to believe the villain is bad because that’s what the story wants us to think. Yet there are plenty of circumstances where the opposite is true; the bad guy is in the right.

A recent Reddit discussion asks for stories where the “bad guys” are actually, completely, 100% right, to the point where it’s weird the story keeps calling them the bad guys. Here are the top responses.

Top Gun

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Despite being the film’s protagonist, Maverick is a bit of a jerk. He thinks he’s above the rules and can do whatever he wants.

All Iceman wants is for Maverick to follow protocol. That doesn’t make him a bad guy, right?

That 70’s Show

Like Mr. Belding, Red Foreman wants his son and friends to behave and live a fulfilling life. 

Yet all Eric and company do is smoke in the basement. It looks like it’s time for some feet in some butts. 

What About Bob?

What About Bob
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It’s natural for a doctor to distance themselves from a patient. Especially when that patient is Bob Wiley in the comedy What About Bob?

Yet everybody but Dr. Leo Marvin thinks Bob is within his rights to crash the Marvin family’s vacation. 

Mrs. Doubtfire

Despite Robin William‘s moving performance in Mrs. Doubtfire, many argue that he’s the film’s bad guy.

Meanwhile, Pierce Brosnan, the villain according to the script, is trying his best. Yet William’s character attempts to kill Brosnan’s character. Literally!

Cabin in the Woods

The horror film from Joss Weddon features a group of teenagers attempting to survive a night at a cabin in the woods. 

The film has a unique twist: the teenagers are sacrifices to appease Eldrich horrors who will otherwise destroy the world. If you ask me, if it’s between a couple of teenagers or the entire world, I’m willing to make a sacrifice. 

Knocked Up

Many view Katherine Heigl‘s character in Knocked Up as stuck up and off-putting.

Meanwhile, Seth Rogen, Heigl’s baby daddy, is someone who clearly doesn’t have their life in order. If you’re raising someone’s child, wouldn’t you want them to have some stability in their life? It seems natural to us. 

The Little Mermaid

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Let’s say you’re a father like King Triton in this Walt Disney classic film. 

Would you want your daughter to date someone you know, or would you want her to pursue a human who lives on the surface? It seems simple to us.

School of Rock

Sarah Silverman’s character has an issue with Jack Black teaching students as a substitute. 

Like it or not, she has a great point: Jack Black isn’t a licensed teacher and is posing as one instead. As a result, he’s endangering the students attending an incredibly prestigious school. 

SpongeBob SquarePants

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As kids, everyone loves to hate Squidward. He’s a party pooper and, on the surface, one of the more insufferable Nickelodeon characters. 

Adults, however, relate to Squidward. Everyone has that annoying neighbor who does nothing but be a thorn in our sides. We’re sorry for ever misjudging you, Squidward. 

Saved By The Bell

It’s natural for school administration to assume the role of the bad guy in a sitcom with high schoolers. 

Yet Mr. Belding wants what’s best for the kids. Zach Morris, on the other hand, is trash. 

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