10 Outrageous Things Famous Celebrities Are Handed for Free That Cost The Average Person a Fortune

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“All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others,” declares the pig dictator Napoleon in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. This sentiment could apply to famous people in some ways; we all know that fame comes with extra privilege. Ironically, those at the top get swag for free, whereas normal people have to pay full price — in short, influence pays.

An online post shares details of what celebrities get for free; here are some takeaways (pun intended).

1. Property Removals

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If you have millions of followers and wish to move house one day, property removals company Roadway will offer a free service, and ‘in exchange, the talent has to post photos of the Roadway truck.’ Influencers and emerging celebrities post a lifestyle story on their social media feed featuring affiliate links to the company.

2. Cosmetics

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Ladies who frequent red carpets receive designer makeup kits when they attend events, as evidenced by Eddie Izzard, a comedian-turned-trans rights campaigner who now goes by the name Suzy. According to a fan, ‘She had a bit about how she was caught stealing makeup as a teen, and now she can afford it, she gets it for free.’

3. Tech Products

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‘I got one of those iPod nanos in my gift bag when I was a professional fashion designer,’ claims a commenter. ‘There was one time I got some fancy BlackBerry as well.’ With tech such a fast-growing industry, competition is high. What better way to promote your device than Pee-wee Herman wearing your latest smartwatch?

4. Flights

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Celebrities never tire of reminding the public that they fly privately, and with so many stars owning jets, sharing with other famous names is common. ‘F1 drivers, for example, get them in exchange for Instagram posts,’ reveals a contributor. Another observer adds, ‘I think Timothee hitched a ride with Zendaya, who had access to a private plane with her crew.’ I wonder what Spiderman would think?

5. Cookware

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After Mindy Kaling posted online about how she needed a new collection of pots and pans, catering specialist La Creuset rewarded her musing with a full set of professional cookware. One commenter was not impressed. ‘We have a Le Creuset Dutch oven: that alone was between $200-300,’ the foodie fumes. ‘They sent her an entire set.’ I could do with a new cookware collection! Are you reading this, Le Creuset? (Disclaimer: I am not promoting or profiting from Le Creuset products — yet).

6. Vacations

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A poster who works in P.R. recalls a ‘top-tier’ gift bag containing free holidays in a castle with a butler. ‘The intent for the trips,’ comments the professional, ‘is to get the celebs to post about it and use it as promotion for the sites.’

7. Designer Mattresses

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An Internet user whose mother once worked for a blue-chip mattress company describes a brush with fame featuring America’s largest name on daytime T.V. ‘Oprah’s assistant called in and requested all new mattresses for Oprah’s house,’ explains the user. ‘She got them all for free.’ As senseless as it sounds, an endorsement from Oprah is worth more than one sale. Welcome to ‘The Oprah Effect’.

8. Land

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The original poster claims that Oscar nominees receive ‘deeds to land’ in their Academy tote bags. As outrageous as this sounds, an Oscar gift bag once had a top-tier prize of 100 squared feet of Scottish land with a gentrified title attached.

9. Free Subway for Life

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Impractical Jokers star Brian Quinn once shared how he and his co-stars were paid for a Subway commercial. However, it didn’t end there. ‘They were also gifted with these special Subway cards,’ says the commenter. ‘They were told that the cards would give them free Subway for life.’

10. Houses

Luxury House
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Finally, thread members are on the cyber fence with the idea that stars get free houses. We know the famous love to share vacation houses and often house-sit when on location. One poster believes those at the top table get free dwellings. ‘Some of them do,’ they argue. ‘Jimmy Choo got a free luxury apartment in Malaysia.’ I don’t even know where to start with this.

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