10 Professions That Attract the Absolute Worst People

10 Professions That Attract the Absolute Worst People
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Everyone needs to make a living somehow and make an honest dollar. Yet some professions attract people that don’t deserve the paychecks they make. 

A recent Reddit post asks which jobs attract the worst people. Here are the top ten answers. 


The stock market is incredibly volatile. Therefore, many people view stockbrokers as “bs artists.” 

Given the stories of people like Jordan Belfort, there is some truth in there. 


Speaking of “bs artists,” many people view salespeople similarly. 

Sure, there are times when a salesperson can build a relationship and help a prospect find a product they need. So often, though, salespeople are pushy and constantly blowing up your phone. 


While a select few people have made gambling a legitimate profession, others are chasing a pipe dream. 

Casinos don’t care if you lose tens of thousands of dollars; that’s money directly into their pocket. However, when someone is being a jerk to dealers or other employees, that’s where the line is drawn. Sadly, many “gamblers” fall into this latter category as they try to impress people around them.

MLM Executives

Executives of a multilevel marketing company are, to be blunt, bullies. 

They prey upon those looking for an honest living and find a way to drain their pockets as they attempt to push products few people actively want to purchase. 

There’s a reason why these are just fancy pyramid schemes. 


The rise of social media has, unfortunately, also led to the rise of influencers.

These are people who will do anything for attention on Instagram or TikTok. Examples range from posing for photo-ops, where people act like they’re doing good, or performing pranks on unsuspecting people in public. 


It makes sense; Paparazzi are persistent and annoying.

The worst people you know are a shoo-in to be great at it. 


Someone better tell George Costanza that his go-to fake career is filled with jerks. 

One commenter mentions how they used to want to be an architect. However, after meeting architects, architectural students, and architectural professors, they realized they were all jerks. 

Sufficed to say, they went down another career path. 

Tow Truck Drivers

It turns out that a profession where somebody can gain control of your car attracts shady people. 

One comment references a story where they had a perfectly driveable car after a highway accident, only to fall for a tow truck driver’s claim that it had to be towed. $500 later, the person finally got their car back. 

Law Enforcement

One Redditor says that when it comes to law enforcement, it’s a “double-edged sword, because it attracts the best and the worst. The best in people who want to help, protect, and do good. The WORST in people who want to exact authority over people.”


For some reason, your high school bully always seems to become a nurse at your local hospital. 

It’s a shame because nurses are supposed to be there for you when you’re at the hospital. Instead, there’s a good chance your nurse is one of your school’s “mean girls.”

Did Reddit get this right? Do you agree that these are professions that attract the worst people? This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Boss Level Gamer.


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