10 Chilling Stories That Sound Made Up, But Actually Happened in Real Life

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 Paranormal haunts and spooky stories scare a good portion of the population, but what about those chilling, true stories? The ones reported by mainstream news where reporters and FBI flock to the situation, claiming they’ve never seen anything as sinister? Here are ten stories of real-life horrors. 

1. Brain-Eating Amoeba

Scared Woman
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Summer camp is an oasis from home, with the ability to indulge in your interests, meet like-minded people, and expand your interests. For one summer camp, the camp went well, not the aftermath. One person shares their friend signed their son up for a triathlon summer camp in Texas. The child enjoyed the camp but, soon after coming home, spoke about a throbbing pain in their head. A few days later, the child passed away from Naegleria fowleri, a brain-eating amoeba found in the lake where the camp took place. 

2. Surviving Sinking, Not the Ship

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During Pearl Harbor, three sailors survived the sinking ships but remained trapped in the vessels. The men tried to alert others near the boat, getting the attention of other sailors and crew members. Still, if the crew cut into the ship, the men would drown, and if they used a blowtorch, the boat would blow up. So the men remained there until their last breaths. 

3. Kyle Plush

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While reaching for an item in the third row of his minivan, the bench seat collapsed on top of Kyle Plush. He called 911 through Siri, alerting them that he couldn’t escape from the pressure of the seat, but 911 didn’t show up on time. Kyle called them twice, but the chairs crushed him before dispatchers responded to the scene. 

4. John Jones

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During a spelunking voyage with a few friends, John Jones weaved himself headfirst into a tight cave crevice where he couldn’t maneuver back out from the spot. A rescue team tried to save him for over 20 hours with a pulley system. However, his feet hit the rock at the top of the tunnel. The rescuers tried to rescue him but realized the save would cause fatal damage, and the pulley system broke. After John Jones’ tragic accident, the cave was closed and sealed with his body remaining inside. 

5. Doppelganger

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A man moved to a new town, but while he tried to establish roots, every housing opportunity and establishment turned him down. The company owners said they’d seen him around and didn’t want him involved with their businesses. The man left each establishment confused and eventually traveled out of the country for three months. He returned to the city and finally understood why he had such trouble settling in.

He writes, “And then one day, I finally saw myself on the CCTV, trying to steal something. Right. Stealing, following people and stalking, and being disliked, makes sense. There was some thief who looked exactly like me, even had a similar hairstyle.”  

6. Ted Bundy Meets Teacher

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According to this person, their teacher relayed a story about their 20s. She drove through Arizona in a car, and her boyfriend followed behind on a motorcycle. They were separated a little through the drive when a VW Beetle approached her a few times. The man signaled to her car, telling her to pull over because her taillight was out. She followed him to a gas station when her boyfriend found her and drove his motorcycle into the gas station. The man hopped back in his car and sped away. Later they discovered she conversed with Ted Bundy. 

7. Tinder Boy Saves the Day

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Amidst the thousands of horror stories from Tinder dates gone wrong, this one has a happy ending. After a first date, a girl invited the boy to her house, and the girl went upstairs to sleep. A few minutes later, the boy knocked on the girl’s door and asked her for food. However, nothing in the house would suffice, so the girl and the guy walked outside to look for a restaurant. Once outside, the guy said he noticed a figure behind the curtains downstairs. Then they called the cops.

8. Please See Cashier

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Another user writes that at the age of 23, their aunt pulled over to get gas in California. Through the intercom, the cashiers called to the woman, insisting she comes in and sees the cashier. She took a minute to realize they were talking to her since the gas pump functioned correctly. When she went inside, the cashiers said they called the cops because a man got under her car. While inside, the woman saw the man get in the backseat of her car. The cops arrested the man and said he had a pocket knife and gloves on. 

9. Lake Nyos Disaster

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Lake Nyos lies on the Guinea Gulf, and every so often, the lake (a volcanic crater lake) emits invisible carbon dioxide. IN 1986, nearly 2000 people and animals suffocated from the invisible gas.

10. Catching a Ride From Aileen Wuornos  

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One person shares that their dad traveled to Florida with a few college friends and hitchhiked to get to the hotel. The woman who picked them up asked if they could get some gas. The hitchhikers obliged and waited as the women filled up. They stole the gas and sped away before a cashier could catch them, and she pointed a gun at them. The hitchhikers stayed silent, and the women dropped them off at the hotel and sped away. Later, they saw the news report their driver was Aileen Wuornos. 

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