10 Shocking Television Moments We’ll Never Forget

Breaking Bad
Image Credit: AMC.

A good ending to an episode of television can help elevate it to something great. By the time the screen goes black and the credits roll, it’s not uncommon for these episodes to leave us speechless. 

Warning: there may be spoilers!

1 – Dexter – The Trinity Killer Wins

Image Credit: Showtime Networks.

We all thought season four of Dexter ended neatly. Dexter defeats the Trinity Killer, the good guy (or anti-hero in this case) wins, and everyone lives happily ever after. 

Not so fast; the reveal of Rita’s death is one of the most shocking moments in television history. 

2 – Better Call Saul – The Death of Howard Hamlin

Howard Hamlin
Image Credit: Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Pictures Tel.

Given that he’s not a character in Breaking Bad, everyone suspected an unfortunate ending for Howard Hamlin. We thought that Jimmy and Kim would just humiliate him out of public life. Watching Lalo murder Jimmy, however, left us speechless. 

3 – South Park – Cartman Feeds Scott Tenorman His Parents

Eric Cartman
Image Credit: South Park Studios.

Is Eric Cartman a jerk? Yes, there’s no doubting that. But Scott Tenorman is a bully, and he deserved what was coming to him. 

4 – Scrubs – When A Patient Dies Of Rabies And Their Organs Were Donated To Other Patients

Image Credit: Doozer Productions.

As funny as Scrubs can be, it also delivers emotional gut punches. This may be the biggest one. The staff of Sacred Heart had no idea this was a possibility and inadvertently killed several patients. 

5 – The Good Place – The Revelation That This Is Actually The Bad Place

The Good Place
Photo Credit: NBC Universal

The premise of The Good Place is that the show takes place in a Heaven-like utopia. However, the season one finale reveals that, in reality, the characters are actually in The Bad Place. 

6 – MASH – The Death of Henry Blake

Col Henry Blake - MASH
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox Television.

One of the most impactful and emotional lines in television history.

“Lt Col Henry Blake’s plane was shot down over the Sea of Japan. It spun in. There were no survivors.”

7 – Game of Thrones – The Red Wedding

Game of Thrones - The Red Wedding
Image Credit: HBO.

HBO‘s Game of Thrones already established itself as a show filled with surprises. No one expected the absolute massacre that is The Red Wedding, seeing the massacre of nearly every living member of the Stark family. 

8 – The Shield – The Pilot Episode

The Shield
Image Credit: Fox Television Studios.

One viewer says it best. “Seemed like your run-of-the-mill cop show until that final scene where everything gets turned on its head.”

9 – ER – Lucy And Carter Bleeding Out on Valentine’s Day

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television.

One of the most memorable cliffhangers in the series’ history saw a Valentine’s Day party end in tragedy when Carter and Lucy were stabbed as a party raged on in the halls.

10 – Breaking Bad – Hank Realizes Who Walter Is

Breaking Bad
Image Credit: Ursula Coyote/AMC.

Agent Schrader spent so much time trying to find out who Heisenberg is, and he discovers it by accident while browsing through a book in Walter’s restroom.

“To WW, my star, my perfect silence. Who do figure that is? Woodrow Wilson? Willy Wonka? Walter White?”

It was always Walter White, Hank. 

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