10 Surefire Ways To Figure Out If Someone Is A Man-Child

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There’s a popular saying: act your age, not your shoe size. Some adults are unable to follow this piece of advice, however. According to an online discussion, here are ten examples of adults acting like a man-child. 

1 – Explosive Emotions

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Do you go from 1 to 100 in the blink of an eye? Do you act unreasonably over the most minor inconvenience? If so, then chances are that you’re a man-child. 

2 – Not Taking Care Of Your Pets

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Owning a pet isn’t something you should take lightly. You’re directly caring for the well-being of a living thing. If you ignore your pet’s wants and desires, it’s not a good look. 

3 – Never Apologizing

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One person points out, “Being wrong/making mistakes is how you learn, so if you are never wrong, you never learn. Thus acting this way is an open admission that someone is stupid.”

4 – Being Unable To Do Basic Domestic Tasks

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If you’re in your 30s and still rely on your mother to clean, cook, and do laundry, it’s time to grow up and stop being a man-child.

5 – Weaponized Incompetence

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In a similar vein, trying to weaponize your “incompetence” is just another form of gaslighting. Purposely doing chores incorrectly so you get out of doing them makes you a jerk. 

6 – Referring To Watching Your Kids As Babysitting

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You’re their father. Being a man doesn’t excuse you from being a parent to your children. You shouldn’t pawn off those responsibilities to your wife; she deserves a break, too!

7 – Feeling Like You Need To Out-Man Other Men

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This isn’t a contest to see who’s the most macho or masculine. It’s not cool or appealing. If anything, it’s exhausting. 

8 – Being Unable To Compromise

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Compromising is the foundation of a stable life as an adult. Whether with friends, romantic partners, or business, you’ll rarely get everything you want. You need to learn to compromise. 

As the Rolling Stones once said, you can’t always get what you want, but if you try, sometimes, you get what you need.

9 – Unreasonable Jealousy

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One woman shares a terrible experience with her ex-boyfriend. 

“Currently moving out of the apartment I shared with my boyfriend because he is jealous of my dog (the one I had for years before we started dating). It started with little things and has escalated to the dog needing to be in a cage 24/7, or I get the silent treatment.”

10 – Saying You’re An Alpha Male

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If you have to publicly claim that you’re an “alpha male,” chances are that you’re the exact opposite. 

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