10 Things Fancy Hotel Workers Admit Are Going On in Luxury Hotels

hotel receptionists standing together in front of counter
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Welcome to the secret side of luxury hotels! Behind the lavish decor and impeccable service, there’s a world of intriguing secrets. Members of an online forum who also work in fancy establishments shared the skeletons in the hotel closets.

1. Rat Tales

Black Rat
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You might think paying $2000 per night for a luxurious room would guarantee a pest-free experience, but think again! Behind the elegant facade and fancy furnishings, some rich hotels have a dirty little secret: rat infestation!

2. Hotel Stalkers

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An individual shares that luxurious hotels keep a database about you, taking personalization to a new level. They scour the internet for pictures and information to create a comprehensive profile. They have everything from your dining preferences and towel requirements to your children’s names and birthdays!

3. From Glamour to Vigilance

Human trafficking concept, human rights violations, Stop violence and abused children.
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Human trafficking is a harsh reality, and it has infiltrated even the most wealthy establishments. The seriousness of the issue has reached such heights that the hotel staff members admit to receiving training on identifying and reporting suspicious activities.

4. Bedbugs Unleashed

bed bug on bed
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Picture this: you check into a five-star hotel, excited for a restful night’s sleep. Little do you know, a tiny army of bedbugs lurks within, just waiting for the perfect moment to strike. One user shares that an entire wing became infested with these relentless pests. Yikes!

5. Final Check-Out

hotel receptionists standing together in front of counter
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While luxury hotels are synonymous with elegance, the bitter reality is that life’s moments can also occur within their walls. Handling a deceased guest is not something most people associate with their dream vacation, but it’s a situation that hotel staff are prepared to handle discreetly and professionally.

6. Unexpected Guests

Room service bringing a man and his guest food and wine
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One member shares that when sports teams check in, some hotels have a policy prohibiting room service after the team’s departure. Why? Well, it turns out that athletes sometimes bring back guests from the previous night, and these visitors can unknowingly rack up substantial room service bills.

7. Colorful Secrets

Housekeeper cleaning a hotel window
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Although the housekeeping staff goes to great lengths to prevent cross-contamination by using different colored cloths for specific tasks, here’s a little secret: after wiping one item, they often move on to the next room without using a new cloth.

8. Beer Bartering

young barter is pouring beer
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In the fast-paced world of fancy hotels, where guest satisfaction is above anything else, the hotel staff has found a unique way to tackle minor issues. A manager admits beer becomes their secret currency for solving problems. From appeasing frustrated guests waiting for their rooms to handling maintenance issues, a simple offer of it can work wonders!

9. Hidden Treasures

Smiling Young Woman Sitting In Car And Giving Car Key To Valet
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Valet service is a convenient and luxurious perk offered by many. However, one staff member admits they have had to take extra precautions to protect their guests’ belongings from theft. They discreetly remove valuable items and hide them away in a secure location. Once the car is returned, everything is put back in its place.

10. The Dirty Truth

Used towels on the hotel bathroom floor
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Cleanliness is a crucial aspect of any hotel experience, but the reality of the hospitality industry sometimes falls short of expectations. In one case, a cleaner admits that most bedding, towels, and other linens never got washed.

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