10 Things Gen Z Can Learn From Those Over 50

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There’s a popular saying: with age comes wisdom. Older people have a lot of knowledge gained over the years. A recent online discussion reveals some things that young people need to realize, according to those aged 50 and over. 

Relationships Should Be Fun

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Life is hard; if you’re going to spend it with someone, make sure it’s with your best friend. When your relationship/marriage is fun, you find yourself able to make it through the hard times without issue. 

Pick Your Battles, Not Everything Needs To Be An Argument

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Sometimes it’s not worth starting an argument.  If something seems trivial, it probably is. 

Your Employer Most Likely Doesn’t Care About You

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There’s a good chance that if you were to die right now, your employer will have your job posted before you’re buried in the ground.  Your physical paycheck isn’t everything. Your mental health is just as important. Don’t kill yourself over a job; it’s not worth it. 

Protect Your Ears and Hearing

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It’s fun listening to your favorite song as loud as you can. Do you know what isn’t fun? Hearing problems when you’re older.

Exercise And Eat Healthy

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It’s cliche but true: you need to take care of your body. Exercise, eat healthy, and take care of your entire body, including your teeth. Don’t avoid the dentist, either!

Do What You Can To Stay Out Of Debt

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It’s hard to avoid debt in today’s day and age, especially if you’re going to college. The best way to set yourself up for future success, though, involves properly managing it. 

Everyone Messes Up

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You’re going to mess up, that’s life. So will everyone else. What matters most is what you do after you mess up. 

Wear Sunscreen

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You’re not invincible when it comes to protecting yourself against harmful sun rays.  That tan may look good now, but when you’re sick in twenty or so years, that won’t matter. 

Live Your Best Life While You Can

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The older you get, the busier you become. You have commitments with work and family. Even when you have free time, you’re tired more often than when you were younger. Live your best life while you’re able to. 

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