10 Things Only Gamers Understand

Gamers can be defined as hard-working people who will do anything to get what they want. They will never give up on a puzzle or a hard obstacle that they need to pass. It will not matter if the puzzle is important or not. If that puzzle makes the player repeat himself over and over, he will spend hours to get it done.

In this article, we will go through the top 10 things only Gamers understand.

10 Things Only Gamers Understand

Go Hard or Don’t go Home

This means that whatever is holding back a group of players will not stop them from completing the challenge. They will think of anything in order to get a challenge done.

If a group of players is playing a raid in World of Warcraft for example, and they have trouble with a boss. They will stay more than 5 hours on 1 single boss until they complete it.

Don’t trust Auto Save

The auto-saving method in single-player games is often not trusted by many gamers. They will always go the extra mile to make sure that the game progress has been saved and that they will not go and repeat the same thing over again.

Constant Incoming Enemies Means you are on the Right Way

Single-player adventure games often have missions that may lead you to areas where you aren’t supposed to go.

And areas, where you are encountering constant enemies, will ensure you that you are going the right way and progressing in the game.

I Can’t Pause an Online Game!

That’s right! The most common problem for all players. Online games cannot be paused, and whenever you begin any sort of a game, you don’t want to be disturbed.

Nobody Likes Hackers

We all know that hackers are the ones that ruin the game. Having constant cheaters in a game will ruin the fun for everyone. It’s best to start learning and getting good at a game, rather than cheating.

Red Labels Explode

Every gamer can agree on this term, whenever you are playing a shooter game, and you see a red barrel or a red container, you automatically know that that thing will explode.

Hard to get Items are Important!

If you are having trouble collecting an item, it has to be important. Whether it’s for a side quest or just a piece of equipment, it’s always important.

Behind a Waterfall there is Something Hidden

How many times have you gone behind a curtain or a waterfall to see if there is a hidden room? Developers constantly place secret Easter Eggs to interact with players in these hidden rooms.

Loose Bricks or Broken Planks Lead to Secret Rooms

A broken wall made out of bricks or wooden planks is always an entrance to a secret door, your job is to find a way to get through that barricade and go into the secret area.

Competition is Everything

Every single gamer is competitive. In their category, they all have their competition and will try to do anything to get a higher spot on the leaderboard. It’s a sport after all!

Written by Borut Udovic

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