10 Things Post-Apocalyptic TV Shows and Movies Always Get Dead Wrong

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If you’re going to tell a story, you better tell it right. We’ve all turned into movie critics while watching a movie or series because, right from the context, nothing is correct. An internet user was curious about discrepancies between apocalyptic shows and the ideal apocalyptic world. So they asked a film forum about it, and here’s what they had to say.

1. Hygiene

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A film connoisseur says Fury Road was the only one that got the post-apocalyptic hygiene right. In the movie, Joe teases people about little water, and the people look like they live in a post-apocalyptic world. They have bad skin, hair, teeth, and generally bad hygiene, which is expected in said situation.

2. The Smell

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Have you ever contemplated what a zombie apocalypse would smell like with all the decay? Several thread contributors agree that the smell in apocalyptic times would be horrible. There would be millions of rotting corpses and no pick-up or burial services.

3. Gasoline Never Expires

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One reviewer states that The Last of Us is the only series recognizing that fuel goes bad in a post-apocalyptic world. However, they got the wrong idea about twenty-year-old gasoline being useless. 

4. First and Second-Wave Deaths

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Multiple apocalyptic movie fanatics subscribe to the idea that if a plague killed a huge percentage of humankind in a week, there would be another wave of deaths after a month. This is from people eating terrible food, using tools incorrectly, and having no access to help.

Stephen King’s The Stand managed to represent this. Survivors would pass on from being trapped in a freezer or electrocution when trying to connect a generator.

5. Number of Survivors

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How many people do you think would survive in an apocalypse? According to film lovers, movies show enough people to survive to form groups. In the apocalypse, the remaining people would starve or die of exposure. You miss the point of an apocalypse if humans can produce a new society.

They say Zombieland is on the money with this one. Survivors travel for miles and miles and only find two other people. Don’t Look Up is the perfect depiction of an apocalypse. After most humans perish, survivors end up on another planet, where they are helpless and get eaten. Nobody survives, and that’s an actual apocalypse.

6. Man Is the Real Monster

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Do you agree that movies push the ‘humans are their worst enemies’ narrative too much? A movie fan indicates that most movies assume people will turn on each other and feed on other men to survive.

They suggest that this is untrue as cooperation is human nature. All humans will not turn into outlaw scavenger cannibals as soon as the police stop keeping guard.

7. Real-World Knowledge

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Modern show writers think they are clever but need more knowledge about the world. Another responder adds that his wife started watching The Walking Dead recently, and they tuned in for the most part.

One part caught their attention and annoyed them exceedingly. In this scene, the characters raid a museum for older equipment like horse-drawn plows to use and duplicate them. Creating a better product than the wagon using tires and vehicle axles would have been easier. Plows are also easily accessible as every home farmer has one. 

8. The Military Being Useless

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Very few post-apocalyptic movies sufficiently explain how their military fell apart. An analyst doesn’t understand how the military, which has enough weapons to wipe out humanity ten thousand times, struggles to exterminate slow-walking zombies.

9. Treatment of Women and Children

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A post-apocalyptic show enthusiast shares that women and children would be trafficked and treated worse. People will exploit the lack of a justice system, prison, and cops. Considering how badly women and children are treated, a post-apocalyptic world would be the end of the road for them in other ways. 

10. How Quickly Society Would Rebuild

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Finally, a film buff observes that several lower levels of government would remain stable even if the nation collapsed. They are sure that the remaining military and police will maintain control. The dominant problem would be acquiring food and medicine. Trouble is expected at the onset of the apocalypse, but things will calm down afterward.


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