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10 Things Society Obsesses About That the Internet Is Done With

Taylor Swift 
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While society can’t seem to let go of specific obsessions, the internet constantly evolves. For better or worse, tastes keep changing for netizens. Where most folks may still be interested in these aspects, here are ten fascinating things members of an online community admit they no longer care for.

1. The British Royal Family

The British Royal Family
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According to many users, the internet is officially done with obsessing over the British Royal family’s every move. They have seen enough fancy hats and royal weddings to last a lifetime. It’s time to focus on more important things and let the royal family have their tea peacefully.

2. Luxury Items & Name Brands

Luxury Items
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Forget about those flashy logos and high price tags. Most individuals voice their opinion about quality over chasing the latest trends. What matters is finding what one needs, which adds value to life and isn’t there just to boost the ego.

3. Taylor Swift’s Dating Life

Taylor Swift 
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Who cares who this pop princess is dating or not? People have realized that her personal life doesn’t need to dominate headlines and that there are more important things to focus on. Besides, her music is fantastic irrespective of her romances.

4. The Marvel Universe

The Marvel Universe
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Despite its immense popularity, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is no longer a source of universal fascination. One user who worked on one of the films shares that even they find it perplexing that people invest so much time and energy into the intricate details of superhero stories.

5. The Grind & Hustle

The Grind & Hustle
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One user highlights how we are just “monkeys on an organic spaceship orbiting a giant nuclear furnace,” so the need to constantly hustle seems irrelevant. Hustling no longer seems important when you look at it that way. It’s time to slow down and find a balance!

6. Marriage

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The traditional notion of a “dream wedding” and the obsession with marriage has lost its appeal for most. People recognize that committed relationships can be meaningful without an extravagant ceremony. The emphasis is shifting towards the quality of the relationship itself rather than conforming to societal expectations.

7. Sports

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The enthusiasm people portray towards sports has waned in the online realm. While many sports still have dedicated fan bases, people on the internet have broadened their interests beyond athletic competitions.

8. Reality TV

Reality TV
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Scripted drama and manufactured entertainment no longer seem to be the internet’s cup of tea. People seek more substantial content that tickles their brains by inspiring and challenging them. The bar for content consumption has risen!

9. Democrat Versus Republican

Democrat Versus Republican
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The divisive nature of the political landscape no longer holds the same power. One user shares how they think it’s the same top one percent trying to pit the rest of the humans against each other to shift focus away from pressing issues that impact everyone.

10. Recording Experiences

Recording Experiences
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It seems that the craze for capturing every little thing on camera is starting to fizzle out for many users. More individuals are choosing to live in the present rather than behind the lens of a camera. It’s time to create memories that can’t be filtered or cropped!

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