10 Things That Are More Expensive Due To Inflation

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Unfortunately, your dollar doesn’t go as far as it used to these days. For a variety of reasons, things are more expensive than ever. 

A recent online discussion reviews items that are no longer worth the money. 

Fast Food

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McDonald’s used to pride itself on feeding a family of four for under $20. Today, I can barely feed my wife and myself for $20. The price of a McDouble, a former staple or the Dollar Menu, has over doubled in price!


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The concept of thrifting was appealing as it allowed shoppers to pick up good items at a low price. Unfortunately, Times have changed; vintage and thrifting are in style and more expensive than ever. 

Farmer’s Markets

Farmer's Market
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Like thrifting, the cost of goods at farmer’s markets rose when it became trendy. What used to be a way to get locally sourced and inexpensive foods is now out of some people’s budgets. 

Subscription Services

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This one is timely as Disney is doubling the cost of their Disney Plus subscription service. The cost of subscribing to Netflix, Hulu, and others is reaching the point where it’s cheaper just to have cable. 

Ordering Delivery

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There’s no denying the convenience of delivery services. Ordering food from your favorite restaurant without leaving your couch is great. However, the service fees are getting outrageous; it feels like we’re paying double the meal cost just for the convenience!


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The real estate market continues to be unrealistic after the COVID-19 pandemic. Combined with the rising cost of living, fewer people can afford homes of their own. 


Subway sandwiches menu counter, made to order customer, shopping mall food court, Saugus, Massachusetts USA - November 9, 2016
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Remember the days of the $5 foot-long sub? Those are long gone. Some foodies report that a foot-long sub is upwards of $15 now. 

Dining Out

Take out from restaraunt
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It’s not just fast food or a sandwich chain; eating out has become outrageously expensive. Many point out that mid-priced restaurants, where you can get two meals for $50, no longer exist. 


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Remember when the lodging service rose to fame as a cheaper alternative to staying in hotels? Times have changed, and it’s become a source of side income for many hosts. As a result, staying in an Airbnb has become more and more pricey.

Chicken Wings 

Chicken Wings 
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The tasty snack used to be more affordable, but it’s another casualty of COVID-19. They used to be incredibly cheap, especially at wing restaurants, but recently, they have skyrocketed in price.


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