10 Things That Are Worth All The Hate They Get

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It’s normal for people to overreact and hate something that isn’t worthy. These ten things, however, are 100% worth the hate they get.

1 – Ticketmaster

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Buying concert tickets shouldn’t be so complicated and expensive, yet thanks to Ticketmaster, it is. We have to sit in queues, lose out to automated bots, and pay excessive fees.

2 – Family Vloggers

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Some YouTubers document every part of their family’s lives for views. I’m sure you’ve seen or heard stories of a parent reacting to their kid’s report cards. Gross.

3 – Child Beauty Pageants

Child Beauty Pageants
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Why are these still a thing? In today’s day and age, where we’re aware of the impossible beauty standards and projecting those onto children, I can’t believe these are still a thing. 

4 – Willful Ignorance

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“Don’t tell me the truth. I don’t want to know. I’m happy with my own conclusions.” 

It’s not worth having these types of people in our lives.

5 – Nestle

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They may make some of your favorite candy bars, but they’re also a horrible company that uses child labor and exploits their workforce in third-world countries. 

6 – Logan Paul

Logan Paul
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The popular YouTuber may be holding his own as a very good WWE wrestler, but part of the joy in booing him is because of what a scummy person he is.

7 – MLMs

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The only reason the person from high school that used to bully you is only reaching out to you on Facebook is to push her low-quality MLM onto you. 

8 – Spam Calls

spam call
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It feels like 95% of the calls I get are spam. Thankfully, my phone gives me a heads up most of the time, but seeing a local number come through and it’s the telemarketer I’ve told ten times I’m not interested once again makes me mad.

9 – Tipping Culture

Woman having salad dressing
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The logic here is that patrons shouldn’t be paying for a server to have a living wage. The restaurant owners should be the ones doing that.

10 – James Corden

James Corden
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The former late-night talk show host was universally hated, and I can’t think of anyone sad to see him go. 

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