10 Things That Terrified Us as Children But Now As Adults Seem Silly

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Recall when you were a kid and were scared of everything that seemed just a little mysterious or different from what you were used to. As an adult, looking back on those fears seem downright silly, and they’re easy to laugh about now – mostly.

On a recent online thread, people replied to the question of what they were afraid of as children that don’t frighten them as adults. Do any of these answers strike a chord with you as they did for me?

1. The Bathtub Drain

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This is a fairly typical childhood fear, with a commenter writing, “Seeing that little whirlpool of water made me think it was going to suck me down with the water.” Unfortunately, young children don’t understand that their size makes it impossible to slide down the drain.

I didn’t have this fear because I believed the Ty-D Bowl man lived down there, and I thought it would be cool to hang out with him on his boat.

2. The Basement

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I didn’t have a basement in the house where I grew up, and I’m grateful I didn’t because I would have been okay with it during the day because everything would have appeared normal, and it would have been well-lit. There’s nothing scary about a basement during the daytime.

It would have been a completely different story at night. The basement would have terrified me at night because of the dim lights and shadows. Who knew what was hiding behind those boxes?

3. Television Static/Snow

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I can relate to what one person said scared them as a child: seeing the static/snow on the television screen when the signal stopped broadcasting for the night, like in the movie Poltergeist. That was pretty creepy to see, especially after that movie was released.

4. Quicksand

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“I really thought it was going to be a much bigger problem in my life than it has actually been,” admits one contributor. I had this same fear growing up; oddly enough, I’ve never encountered quicksand. That’s what I get for watching too many action shows and movies where the bad guys fell in quicksand and drowned.

5. Freddy Krueger

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The original A Nightmare on Elm Street film was a game-changer for horror movies because it was scary. “I still am kind of scared of him even though I know it seems stupid at 23,” admits one person.

6. Steven King’s IT Miniseries

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I was nineteen when I first watched this miniseries; it’s still one of the most frightening movies I’ve ever watched – and it was made for TV. Even now, I refuse to watch it at nighttime.

7. Elevators

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I personally never had a fear of elevators. Still, I can understand why a kid would be afraid of them: the opening and closing doors and the climbing and descending floors mysteriously are enough to scare someone.

8. Rollercoasters

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Rollercoaster rides are a reasonable fear for kids, especially considering how many adults share the same fear. Even though rollercoasters are relatively safe, there’s always that dread of getting stuck at the top of an incline or, even worse, the upside-down part of a loop.

9. Moths

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A user on the thread admitted to a childhood fear of moths. “Not butterflies, just moths,” they emphasize. While I can’t relate to this fear, I can understand it. Butterflies are beautiful with their multicolored wings. Moths look ghost-like and eerie.

10. Automatic Flushing Toilets

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Finally, an individual confesses they were “scared it would suck me in.” Anyone can understand why a child would be frightened of automatic flushing toilets. They are powerful mechanisms that appear as if they could take a small child down the drain.

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