10 Times Hollywood Let Us Down

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While watching a TV show or movie, connecting with our favorite characters and stories is easy, but sometimes the writers serve us underwhelming departures, cliffhangers, and plot twists. According to a group of film lovers, here are ten times Hollywood disappointed us.

1. The Departure of Eric Forman — That ’70S Show (1998 — 2006)

That 70's Show
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If you watched That ’70s Show, you know how it felt when we tuned in and discovered that Eric Forman was no longer a part of the cast just when the story was getting good. Where the first few seasons were great, we hoped that the series would maintain that until the end. The fact that it didn’t happen made the last two seasons painful, mainly because we were rooting for Eric’s character.

2. Ending in a Cliffhanger — My Name Is Earl (2005 — 2009)

My Name Is Earl
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When you reach the end of a television season, accepting a cliffhanger is easy because you know the story will continue. However, when a show ends, and not everything is resolved, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. This is what happens with My Name is Earl. He never finishes working on his Khama list. Earl helped others right their wrongs, but we never see how he went about his own. The ending fell flat.

3. Rushed Scenes in Merlin (2008 — 2012)

Merlin (2008 — 2012)
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A show fanatic on a popular discussion forum says. “Merlin was rushed because the network didn’t renew further seasons. I would have liked to see more of Modred turning on Arthur in one last episode. “Other fans share this same sentiment, each still wanting more from the series. Towards this end, the characters are inconsistent, and the story rushes. Even worse is the series directors telling the viewers that there was nothing more to do for the series, thus ending it.

4. The Cancellation of Penny Dreadful (2014 — 2016)

Penny Dreadful (2014 — 2016)
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The comic book and adaptation of this story were two different things. The series captivated audiences worldwide, only to be canceled during the filming for season three. For the producers, this meant rushing through all the remaining scenes and creating an unrealistic ending. When reviewing the series, the audience agreed that it was generally unsatisfying.

5. Disappointing Seasons — Riverdale (2017 — 2023)

Riverdale (2017-2023)
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The first season of Riverdale is the one fans can relate to the most. It was intriguing and drew us in with every scene. But from its second to its current season, the series has been disappointing. The character transitions don’t make much sense, and the scenes leave much to desire. Those who watch the show react similarly, noting, “I’ve tried to stick with Riverdale. The first season was delightful, the second was a pain, and the third went completely off the rails.” Another user shares their pain, saying, “Now I just cover my eyes when Riverdale comes on.” Cringey!

6. I Am Legend’s Nothingness (2007)

I Am Legend (2007)
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We expect every Will Smith story to be a good one. But there was much to be desired when it came to this sci-fi movie. It almost seemed like a wasted opportunity! The first hour of the film is sparse, as it’s filled with many flashbacks. His routines are down pat, and the nights are silent and eerie. In other words, not much goes on in this movie. While it explores the fear of being alone, it quickly turns into a snooze fest.

7. Falling Flat — Homeland (2011 — 2020)

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While Homeland’s first season was terrific, its second and subsequent seasons were underwhelming. The character plots are all wrong, leaving the series with so much to desire. For instance, Brody shouldn’t have made it to other seasons because he didn’t do much for the storyline. It was so disappointing to see the series’ story slowly flop.

8. The Flash (2014 — 2023) And Arrow (2012 — 2020) Turning Into Superhero Soap Operas

The Flash (2014)
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The Flash and Arrow are two series that paved the way for each other. They started on a high but have successfully become underwhelming experiences. It’s almost as if the showwriters ran out of ideas. Some of the scenes feel fast and cheap. They are no longer as exciting as they once were, giving audiences a poor experience.

9. Smallville’s Ending (2001 — 2011)

Smallville (2001)
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Disappointed is an understatement for Smallville’s ending. It kept all of us up day and night, hatching ideas in our heads on how Clark Kent could defeat Lex Luther, but it didn’t give us a gratifying ending. There was so much potential for Superman. Sadly, it remains unexplored. The end was lackluster, especially because Clark never wore the Superman costume in any scene since the beginning of the series. Fans thought that the ending would be the big moment!

10. Alphas (2011 — 2012) And All Its Superpowers

Alphas (2011)
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When a viewer comments, “Don’t even look up season three, just don’t,” you know that the series fell off the wagon. It didn’t help that the producer kept adding unflattering comments on Twitter. While fans agree that season one was the best, they were still disappointed that it didn’t keep its momentum.


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