10 Ugly Things That Are Now Deemed Attractive

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Have you ever noticed that something which used to be deemed ugly is now viewed as attractive? You’re not alone. A recent online discussion tackles this topic. Here are the top answers.

1 – Thick Eyebrows

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People used to go through painful steps to trim their eyebrows. In today’s fashion, people will spend hours doing make-up to make their eyebrows thicker. 

2 – Freckles

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In a similar manner, freckles used to be universally hated. Today? It’s a popular filter while taking selfies to give yourself freckles. 

3 – Having A Tan

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One person explains, ” In Victorian times, having a tan was considered ugly. Having a tan back then was associated with working outdoors, which is what poor people did. Today it’s more associated with going on holiday somewhere hot. So before a tan was thought of as something poor people got, now it’s wealth and traveling.”

4 – Nerd Culture

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Often viewed as outcasts and loners in the past, nerd culture has gone mainstream. It’s now cool to love video games, Dungeons & Dragons, and science fiction. 

5 – Curly Hair

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A lot of these are fashion related, which makes sense since fashion is cyclical. 

The days of spending hours to straighten your hair are over. Now it’s about leaving the house with texture. 

6 – Veiny Hands On Men

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My wife loves the veins on my hands. However, in the past, women weren’t fans of this. One person mentions that their father was ashamed of their veiny hands. 

7 – Glasses

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In 80s movies, thick glasses were used to designate a character as nerdy or a loser. Today, a good pair of glasses is a sign of style. 

8 – Mullets

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I remember when mullets became popular. I was confused as to why I saw so many kids with that hairstyle. Maybe I’m just an old man, but I don’t get this one. 

9 – Thick Women

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While beauty standards in women are still far from perfect, it’s become more and more acceptable to be a bigger woman and a beauty icon.

10 – Profanity

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Constant swearing used to be an indication that you were lower class or uneducated. Today, younger people use profanity constantly. 

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