11 Seemingly Minor Annoyances That Drive Us Absolutely Crazy

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It doesn’t matter how small of an inconvenience it may be. Some things will drive us up a wall.  A recent online discussion asks for things that annoy people to no end. Here are the top responses. 

Trash That’s Next To The Trash Can

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I will never understand why people place trash on a counter six inches from a trash can. 

Obnoxiously Bright Headlights On Cars

car headlight
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There’s nothing worse than yelling at oncoming traffic to turn their brights off, only to realize they were never on in the first place. 

Fake ‘X’ On Ads You Can’t Close Out

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I get it. You want me to click the ad so your site can make money. But this is why I have an ad blocker. I don’t want to be tricked into clicking ads. 

Getting On A Train Before Letting People Of

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You’d think this would be common courtesy, but it’s not.  One person vows, “I will stand in your way until you get out of my way so I can get off the train.”

Acting Like A Bully As An Adult

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You’d think bullying would stop after high school, but for some people, they’re sadly just getting started.  “It seems like there’s always one at every job I’ve ever had. They never grow out of it,” one person said. 

Talking On The Speakerphone In Public

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I’m not sure how this trend started, but no one wants to hear your conversations in the middle of a restaurant. 

When Freshly Clean Socks Get Immediately Wet

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The literal worst thing in the world. I always immediately put the socks back into the dirty laundry hamper. 

Not Moving At The Top Of An Escalator

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Like it or not, the people behind you can’t stop. They’re coming, and you’re causing a traffic jam on the escalator.  At least have the decency to move out of the way first. 

Not Using Your Turn Signal

angry driver
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Sadly I cannot read the minds of other drivers. So I don’t know why you’re stopping randomly in the middle of the road. If you used your turn signal, however, I’d know. 

Movie Marketing

movie theater
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Seeing an ad for a new movie claim, “It’s the best film of the year,” when it’s January, is mind-boggling.  Another filmgoer adds that they hate when marketing claims, “This scene is so scary, NOBODY in the entire world will watch it..” and it’s a PG13.”

People Blocking A Grocery Aisle With Their Shopping Cart

grocery store
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This shopper says it best. “The whole group of people who are just oblivious to everyone else. You see them walking down the street, in the grocery store, driving.” “I cannot understand that level of selfishness. It’s like everyone else doesn’t exist.” 

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