11 Stupid Things Men Need To Stop Doing Immediately

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Just because guys have the “bro code” that guides how they relate with each other doesn’t mean they like everything about each other. Deep down, guys know those bad habits or tendencies they wish their fellow guy would give up for good. So here are eleven things men voted they wished other men would stop doing ASAP.

1 – Being Over Protective

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Accept a guy is insecure. There is no need always to be delusional that the other guy wants your girlfriend. One man who works in the gym notes that it’s common to see guys who bring their girls to the gym get incredibly passive-aggressive or hostile around other guys working out. According to him, It’s tedious to be around insecure men whose self-esteem depends on having a girlfriend.

2 – Being Intimidating

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One user notes that some men walk all puffed out and walk right into you as if you’re the issue and don’t even apologize or try to start trouble. What’s funny is how they seem confident they can always win a fight or think they have a monopoly on aggression.

3 – Refusing To Wash Hands

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“It’s absolutely insane to me how many guys don’t wash their hands,” one person says. A second person cites how he saw a child remind his dad about not washing their hands. But the dad said no, and rushed him out of the restroom. Several studies have shown that men wash their hands less than women, giving credence to the fact that men need to take their hygiene more seriously.

4 – Being Careless Taking A Leak

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Surprisingly, I have never seen a man complain about this annoying habit. I thought this was a women-only pet peeve. It turns out that several men in the forum felt that adults still urinating on toilet seats resulted from carelessness and incompetence.

One man says he prefers to sit down to prevent it from happening. A habit he began at 27, admitting it’s more comfortable, luxurious, and better for your body’s plumbing. While many men still prefer not to sit down, others suggest that if men can be a little more attentive, they can stop the bad habit.

5 – Judging The Masculinity Of Other Men

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Every gender has judges among them. For men, there’s always this question of how “manly” you are, which many other men find disconcerting. Who judges the degree of a fellow man’s masculinity, and who sets the standard? This is just one-way men get pressured to do things they ordinarily wouldn’t want. Living the lives they don’t want.

6 – Shaming Other Men For Being Single Or Celibate

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Being single doesn’t mean being alone; friends, family, and dogs are great companions. One user says that a group of good friends has and will probably always be his biggest safety net, even when he was dating. Similarly, celibacy should certainly not be the decision others make for someone, whether by shaming, coercing, or other manipulative means.

7 – Unneeded Tough Guy Displays

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Still an insecurity issue, some men think the bigger and more obnoxious they express their opinion, the more accurate it must be. There comes a time for every man to act tough. But real guys know when toughness becomes overkill.

8 – Arguing Unnecessarily

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It’s one thing to argue with someone who knows their onion, but arguing with an utterly clueless person who wants to dominate the debate is exasperating. According to one female user, some men argue for argument’s sake. For such men, conceding that the other person has a good idea or is correct about something would be a sign of weakness.

9 – Assuming Everyone Watched The Game

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One user pleads that men stop asking about the big game from last night. Understandably, fans of these games are eager to talk about what each other thinks and banter about who played better or deserved to win. But not every guy watches it or knows anything about the teams that play.

10 – Neglecting Self-Care

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Men assume they are okay without a need for some self-care. One man advises, please stop neglecting yourselves. Groom yourself, maintain your hygiene, and invest in your mental health. Men hear a lot of, “You have an easy life because you’re a male in a male-dominated world,” and get carried away thinking they are always fine even if they are not.

11 – All Women Are Not the Same

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Bad experiences may shape people’s opinions about others for good. This may be why some men paint women with one brush and talk about women like they’re all the same. But one person points out that it rubs off badly on other men who still think many terrific women are out there and admonishes men to stop it.

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