11 Things Meant For Kids We Continue to Thoroughly Enjoy as Adults

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Which activity invokes your inner child? Is it ordering a large vanilla soft-serve dipped in rainbow sprinkles? Perhaps you enjoyed climbing monkey bars as a kid, and nothing rejuvenates you more than recreating that pastime. On a notable internet website, a user asks the audience which activities unleash their inner child. Here are their responses.

1. Swings

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Ah, yes. A good old soar into the sky thanks to the old-fashioned pump of the legs. A coming-of-age moment in any child’s playground career occurs when they no longer rely on the older generation to push them on the swing set. Many people agree that utilizing a swingset launches them back into memories from the bliss of childhood.

2. Naps

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In kindergarten, you grumble and groan at the suggestion of nap time. Your friends play around, avoiding the teacher, hoping to avoid her gaze as they play whatever game comes to mind. Flash forward to adulthood. Given the opportunity, I can’t name a single friend who would choose to avoid a nap.

3. Crawling up the Stairs

Woman Crawling up the Stairs
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“Going up the stairs on all fours will always be fun,” one person shares. Another responds, “I’m a huge advocate for climbing stairs on all fours, but I’m now imagining how horrifying it would be to see that in a public setting.”

4. Cartoons

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Around 1960, adults reveled in the remarkable animated feature The Flinstones. Although the Bedrock set show wasn’t the first occurrence of animation aimed toward adults, the show transformed adult-curated cartoons. Too many people believe that cartoons remain reserved for children.

5. LEGO Bricks

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Assembling plastic bricks into monumental creations itches a lifelong scratch, at least for me. DUPLO and LEGO bricks may be categorized toward the younger generation.

Still, legions of adults who adore the bricks gained a reputation and a trademarked name for their endeavors and building passions. AFOL, or Adult Fan of LEGOs, circulate comic cons, host meet-ups, and organize events each year.

6. Mr. Rogers

Dad with son are watching football and cheering together at home.
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Who couldn’t benefit from a dose of gold old optimism?

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Of course, it isn’t solely for kids, as he made each episode with a mind towards parents watching them with their children, but he’s so wholesome and kind, so deliberate and thoughtful with everything that he put on the show,” this child at heart reports.

7. Sugary Cereals

Woman eating cereals
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Let’s face it; nothing beats waking up on a Saturday morning, pouring a bowl of Lucky Charms, Cocoa Krispies, or Cap’n Crunch while Wile E. Coyote chases Roadrunner near a cliff.

These cereals have little to no nutritional value. Yet, for those with a relentless sweet tooth, they serve as excellent flashbacks to a time when caloric intake and sugar content didn’t dictate your diet.

8. Stuffed Animals

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Plushies, stuffies, or stuffed animals, whichever way you refer to the squishy companions, are great emotional support beings and fantastic cuddlers.

“I’m almost 40 and not ashamed to say I still have my teddy bear, Wally, my mom made when I was two. His arms are lopsided, his ears are wonky, and he is made from upholstery fabric from a 70s couch cushion, but I love that dude. I did eight years in two branches, Marines and Army, and did three deployments, and you bet Wally was with me. Either stuffed in a pack or seabag, but he was there because I needed him,” a stuffed animal appreciator confesses.

9. Candy

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Name a better feeling than being a kid in a candy store stocked with endless rows of sweet treats and sugar. I’ll wait. Remember waltzing into a brightly lit mall store and breathing in the sugary aroma of the latest sour patch kid flavor or the sweet stench of gummy bears?

You sprint over to the plastic bag area, tug on one, and spill all of the contents of the shop into your trusty bag. If you were like me, your guardian had to limit you to a few choices and oversee your pours.

10. Skipping

Man skipping
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A contributor recalls the jolly feeling that skipping ensues. The act of jumping down the street is more fun, quicker, and better than walking.

11. Disney

Disney theme park.
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This example applies to the Disney Universe. Disney movies, Disney World, Disney video games, Disney merchandise, etc. Adults proudly claim they are Disney lovers, attending each event the parks put on, buying advanced tickets to the newest Disney screening, and ordering everything the company sells. According to Disney adults, Disney transcends age.

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