11 Things Voted Seriously Attractive That Are Highly Unusual

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Prepare to enter the world of unconventional allure, where objective societal norms are thrown out of the window, and quirks reign supreme. Read further as we dive into 11 of the most unusual things members of an online community voted as seriously attractive. 

1 – Reading: A Serene Act

Man reading book
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A user mentions she could listen to her ex-boyfriend read quietly to himself for hours. There is something undeniably attractive about someone lost in the magic of words. Perhaps it’s the air of mystery surrounding their thoughts.

2 – Morning Face: Rise & Shine

Woman waking up
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Many men articulate their obsession with morning makeup-less, slightly tired faces. It seems that they have a charm that defies all logic. Messy hair and puffy eyes for the win!

3 – Hands: Tantalizing Touch

Man holding woman hand
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“They can tell you so much about a person,” comments one user. These often overlooked appendages are weirdly beautiful to many, who find immense comfort and fascination in their every wrinkle, crease, and nail bed.

4 – Freckles: Delightful Dots

Confident freckled woman
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It’s a common practice to hide these with a foundation to enhance beauty, but most forum members find themselves drawn to these tiny constellations. Like stardust sprinkled over the skin, these bring a glow to the face. 

5 – Being Taught Lessons in Love

Man playing guitar
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There is something irresistibly charming about someone who can teach passionately, say many. Whether unraveling the secrets of quantum physics or discussing intricate art, their knowledge and expertise create an enchanting aura that draws one in.  

6 – Detail-Oriented: Cleanup Conjurers 

Woman arranging towels
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One man comments he loves his wife’s attention to detail. From meticulously arranged sock drawers to color-coded calendars, everything is in order! These people are like wizards making mess disappear with a snap of the fingers. Now who wouldn’t find that appealing?

7 – Dark Circles: Shadowy Secrets 

Woman with dark circles
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No need to spend on those pricey concealers any longer! Many believe it makes one appealing by adding depth to the face. It’s like there’s a hidden story behind them, waiting to be told. Guess it’s time to flaunt that nocturnal charm.

8 – Adam’s Apple: Throaty Treasure 

Young handsome man
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This secret gem hidden in the throat is an attraction for multiple members. A possible explanation could be their association with masculinity and having a deep voice. Its subtle movement reminds one of the resonances behind each spoken word.

9 – Glasses: Framed Fabulousness 

Woman wearing glasses
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Perhaps it’s their association with intelligence or the symmetry they bring to the face; glasses are a top favorite. Not to forget, these allow people to express their unique and creative styles.

10 – Social Awkwardness: Magnetic Mishaps

Man playing with dog
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With its endearing fumbles and hilarious mishaps, awkwardness sprinkles a dash of magic in everyday encounters. One person shares an account of her boyfriend’s quirkiness; finding him playing with a dog outside during a party was adorable to witness.

11 – Left Handedness

Man writing with left hand
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Talk about the extraordinary in the ordinary! Being left-handed exudes a certain charm that can not be resisted by many. It makes penmanship appear even more elegant; watching a left-handed person effortlessly glide their pen across the paper is like witnessing a symphony of grace. 

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