11 Unspoken Rules For A First Date

first date
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First dates can be exciting! They can also make all parties involved nervous; those first impressions are everything!

A recent online discussion asks for unspoken rules to follow on a first date. 

Put Your Phone Away

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You’re out with your date, not your phone. It’s not going to be the end of the world if you leave it in your pocket. 

Don’t Drink Too Much

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Some people make the mistake of having too much to drink on a first date. As a result, they can embarrass themselves. 

Shower Beforehand

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This seems like common sense. Take pride in your appearance. You wouldn’t want your date to show up smelling poorly. 

Don’t Order Extra For Leftovers If The Other Person Is Paying

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If the person you’re going out with is treating you, don’t take advantage of it and order for people at home too. 

Make Sure Everyone Knows It’s A Date

Date Night
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There’s nothing worse than assuming you’re on a date only to realize that’s not the case. Always make sure everyone is on the same page. 

Put Equal Effort Into The Conversation

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Is it annoying when you’re trying to talk to someone, and they’re giving one-word answers? Absolutely. Don’t be that person. Contribute to the conversation. 

Be Honest

dishonest liar
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You only make one first impression. If you start things off by lying, you’re establishing a trend of dishonesty. 

Don’t Talk About Your Ex

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They’re our ex for a reason. Leave them in the past where they belong. 

The Movies Isn’t A Good First Date 

movie theater
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If you don’t know somebody well, it’s a good idea to go to a place where you can have a good conversation. The movies are not that type of place. 

Don’t Unpack All Of Your Baggage

Emotional Baggage
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There’s a time and a place to open the skeletons in your closet. The first date isn’t that time or place. 

Treat Your Server With Respect 

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You might think you’re acting like a hotshot by talking down to your server, but in reality, you’re just being a huge jerk. 

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