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12 Awful TV Shows From the 1970s. Do You Agree?

The Brady Bunch Hour (1976-1977)
Image Credit: ABC

Television shows from the 1970s had a unique charm with their groovy fashion, disco beats, and larger-than-life personalities. However, only some shows were a gem. In this article, we’ll explore 12 awful TV shows from the groovy decade, some of which filled us with the urge to destroy our TV screens and sue the series’ creators for damages.

1. The Super Friends (1973-1986)

The Super Friends (1973-1986)
Image Credit: ABC

To start our list, we have a crime-fighting superhero team consisting of Superman, Batman, and others. But seriously, Wonder Dog, too? He’s the definition of unnecessary. Sorry, Super Friends, but this show didn’t age well. I still wonder how this show was able to keep airing for all those years, more than a decade.

2. The Brady Bunch Hour (1976-1977)

The Brady Bunch Hour (1976-1977)
Image Credit: Art Fisher

This attempt at a variety show was a little too much; watching them sing and dance just didn’t hit the right notes. The Brady Bunch should have stuck to family shenanigans rather than trying to become the next big musical sensation.

3. The Gong Show (1976-1980)

The Gong Show (1976-1980)
Image Credit: John Dorsey

Someone called this the pinnacle of bizarre talent shows, and well, we can’t deny that. For starters, this show took awkwardness to a whole new level with its cringe-worthy scenes. It was a true chaotic mess.

4. BJ and the Bear (1979-1981)

BJ and the Bear (1979-1981)
Image Credit: Gil Bettman

Though entertaining in its own right, let’s face it: this show was more of a train wreck we couldn’t look away from. A truck driver and his pet chimpanzee embarking on wacky adventures? Okay, it’s safe to say this show swung and missed. While the concept might have seemed fun on paper, it was downright bananas. Sorry, BJ, but we’ll stick to more human co-stars.

5. Sonny Comedy Revue (1974)

Sonny Comedy Revue (1974)
Image Credit: Sonny Bono

Here’s one that had fine prospects but ultimately suffered an ill fate. While Bono had charisma and talent, his transition to comedic television proved challenging and poorly done. This project is arguably one of his biggest embarrassments of that decade. This comedy show was supposed to elicit laughter—and it did, except that the laughter was out of jest. To make matters even worse, it premiered in 1974, when television viewers were already exposed to a wide range of successful comedy shows with established stars and high production values.

6. Mr. T and Tina (1976)

Mr. T and Tina (1976)
Image Credit: Rick Edelstein

This series is all shades of awful. After capturing our hearts as B. A. Baracus in The A-Team, Mr. T attempted to conquer the small screen with his show. Unfortunately, Mr. T and Tina didn’t quite hit the mark. It fizzled out faster than Mr. T’s mohawk.

7. The Bob Crane Show (1975-1976)

The Bob Crane Show (1975-1976)
Image Credit: NBC

Despite Bob Crane’s popularity as the star of the successful sitcom Hogan’s Heroes, the spin-off show failed to attract a substantial audience. The show struggled to deliver engaging and humorous storylines, resulting in lackluster episodes that could not captivate viewers. It was for this reason that this show was canceled after the thirteenth episode.

8. The Starland Vocal Band Show (1977)

The Starland Vocal Band Show (1977)
Image Credit: CBS

The Starland Vocal Band Show won hearts with its hit song “Afternoon Delight,” and achieved nothing else. Turns out, their musical talents didn’t quite translate to captivating television.

9. The Ropers (1979-1980)

The Ropers (1979-1980)
Image Credit: Norman Fell

The spin-off that should have stayed spun off. Following the success of Three’s Company, The Ropers attempted to take the hilarious landlords and give them their spotlight. Unfortunately, the humor fell flat, leaving us longing for Jack, Janet, and Chrissy’s witty banter instead.

10. The Secret Empire (1979)

The Secret Empire (1979)
Image Credit: NBC

It’s a superhero show, quite alright, with a unique twist — the main character had psychic powers, but only while playing the pinball machine called The Secret Empire. Talk about an odd premise. Sadly, even pinball enthusiasts couldn’t save this show from plunging into obscurity.

11. Mrs. Columbo (1979-1980)

Mrs. Columbo (1979-1980)
Image Credit: Richard Alan Simmons

One can only wonder what had convinced the creators that this show would ever sell. From weak plot to shallow acting, this show will aggravate you. Maybe Peter Falk was right when he described the spin-off as a “bad idea” and “disgraceful.”

12. Supertrain (1979)

Supertrain (1979)
Image Credit: Donald E. Westlake

Who needs reality when you can have a luxury, atomic-powered train traveling at super speeds? Well, the viewers, apparently. Despite its promising concept, Supertrain flunked with poor writing. The creators should’ve channeled all the hefty budget to something else worth the investment.


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