12 Coolest Movie Deaths That Everybody Loves To See

John Wick
Image Credit: Summit Entertainment.

There are so many great movie deaths to choose from that it can be hard to pick a favorite. Thankfully, a recent online post shares some of the Internet’s votes for the best movie death they remember.

1. A Disappearing Pencil: The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight
Image Credit: Warner Bros.

“I always enjoyed the movie The Dark Knight with Heath Ledger as the Joker. When he says to the gangsters, ‘Do you like magic tricks? I’m going to make this pencil disappear,'” posts our first moviegoer, “and then proceeds to slam the guy’s head onto the pencil.” We all love Heath Ledger’s Joker, and this introduction is why.

2. Indiana Jones and The Sword Fighter

Indiana Jones and The Sword Fighter
Image Credit: Lucasfilm, Ltd.

Who can forget Raiders of the Lost Ark when a fearsome sword warrior confronts Indiana Jones? “He was supposedly sick that day and didn’t feel like doing all the choreography, so when the director yelled, ‘Action,’ he just pulled out his gun and shot the dude,” explains a movie nerd.

3. Vader’s Gone Wild

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

“That was one of the best scenes of all time, and I curse anyone that hates Rogue One,” a Rogue One defender proclaims. “It was a good film, especially being one of the newer ones.” I agree; Rogue One’s tense buildup and mind-blowing finale are up there with some of the best Star Wars canon.

4. John Wick’s Dog Vengeance

John Wick
Image Credit: Summit Entertainment.

“The entire movie buildup was all this epic shooting and combat — and all of that,” states a commenter. “Finally, he gets to the guy who tries talking for one second but — nope. Bullet to the brain.” Don’t mess with John Wick’s dog; you’ve been warned. You can put a man through everything you can think of, but your days are numbered once you go near his children or pets.

5. A T-Rex and a Toilet

Jurassic Park
Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

A film lover posts his appreciation of the shifty lawyer being gobbled up by Jurassic Park’s scary tyrannosaurus rex. “Not the most graphic, not the most realistic, but the coolest,” says the fan. “I can’t believe nobody has mentioned the T-Rex eating the lawyer on the toilet in Jurassic Park.”

6. Jason X and His Sleeping Bag Weapon

Jason X
Image Credit: New Line Cinema.

“Mock me all you want, but when Jason is using one teen in a sleeping bag to beat the other to death in Jason X,” comments a horror fan, “I was set in stone for my favorite kill.” I love every death scene in the Jason movies, especially when the stock character’s naivety leads to their downfall.

7. Shin Godzilla City Decimation

Shin Godzilla
Image Credit: Toho Co., Ltd.

A Godzilla follower talks about a spectacular death scene. However, he refers to Godzilla’s “atomic breath,” decimating a whole city in Shin Godzilla. “I do enjoy the legendary Godzilla entries for their budget,” agrees a kindred contributor, “but something about Shin’s brutal, absolutely unbridled destruction in that scene is just amazing.”

8. The Poker Table: The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

The Poker Table: The Ballad of Buster Scruggs
Image Credit: Netflix.

“I frequently yell ‘SCRUGGS! I want to see you outside… WEARING IRON’,” jokes a Coen brothers fan. “I’m the only one in my house that knows of the movie.” I love this scene, too, especially when Scruggs tells the bandit, “I’d say that you could use yourself a shave and a brighter disposition,” before shooting him.

9. Bruce vs. Quint

Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

Jaws is the ultimate humans-against-nature plot setup. Nothing brings more fear to a twelve-year-old boy than when the shark grabs the captain, resolving their long-fought duel. “Quint hated sharks, and for good reason,” adds the next thread poster. “His ultimate demise was his worst nightmare coming true. Imagine getting eaten alive by your only sworn enemy.”

10. Hitler Gets The Tarantino Treatment

Hitler Gets The Tarantino Treatment
Image Credit: The Weinstein Company.

“The brief few seconds when you see his face being blown to pieces, and the face of the soldier killing him,” cites a Tarantino lover. “Pure hatred.” We all know the director himself couldn’t wait to shoot this cathartic scene. Tarantino treads a fine line between sadism and humor in some of his darker sequences.

11. Say “What” Again!

Pulp Fiction
Image Credit: Miramax.

“Not the coolest, but certainly the funniest to me is Marvin in Pulp Fiction,” a contributor states. Samuel L. Jackson’s famous scene in another Tarantino flick won hearts and minds with its allusion and brutal comic timing. “Ah man, I shot Marvin in the face,” posts someone, likely giggling.

12. Bennett Lets of Steam

Let off some steam imdb
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox.

“Let off some steam, Bennett,” says a moviegoer channeling their inner Schwarzenegger for the win. A reply confirms what most people think; this is not fair, surely? “Arnie’s one-liners are almost cheating for this,” says another Arnie lover.

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