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12 Films That Deliver Everything They Promised Us

Honor Among Thieves (2023)
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

Any cinephile can testify that there’s nothing worse than a seemingly promising movie not meeting the expectations of its audiences. However, according to an online filmaholic community, these cinematic gems held up their end of the bargain. 

1. Pacific Rim (2013)

Pacific Rim (2013)
Image Credit: New Line Cinema.

There is mutual agreement among audiences that the movie delivered its promised fight scenes. Tons of robots fighting kaiju was exactly what one viewer wanted and successfully got. A reviewer goes as far as to say that Pacific Rim should have been bigger than Transformers due to its incredible story.

2. The Raid (1954)

The Raid (1954)
Image Credit: 20th Century Studios.

For some viewers, a film that leaves a lasting impact qualifies as a cinematic masterpiece. As one member highlights, this film still sticks out to them as a movie that goes from a 0 to a 100 in just ten minutes without any drop in quality for the remaining duration. 

3. John Wick (2023)

John Wick (2023)
Image Credit: Lionsgate.

The latest chapter was captivating for numerous viewers. The love audiences hold for Keanu Reeves is testified further due to his brilliant performance in the film. The series truly delivered the quality action it promised us over the years.

4. Honor Among Thieves (2023)

Honor Among Thieves (2023)
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

This Dungeons and Dragons “really landed,” says one viewer. The best part is that even non-DND fans can enjoy this fantasy movie as a standalone piece. One film buff says that the plot was like Chekov’s gun as everything that happened, no matter how much of a throwaway line it seemed to be at the time, mattered later on.

5. Paddington 2 (2017)

Paddington 2 (2017)
Image Credit: StudioCanal.

This is yet another film using Chekov’s gun to deliver a gripping plot. Every bit of dialog is relevant or leads to something else in the film, making viewers hooked on the details. As one reviewer identifies, the movie has no flavor text, making it a compelling watch.

6. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

This action-adventure film is a fan favorite. Directed by Steven Spielberg, the film has impacted popular culture for the better. And as the title suggests, “There is an ark, it is lost, and there are people looking to raid it, which they do.” Promises have been fulfilled.

7. Star Wars (1977)

Star Wars (1977)
Image Credit: 20th Century-Fox.

This notorious franchise is well-worth the hype as audiences continue to rave about the films even decades later. The American space opera delivered stars and wars, from incredible celestial bodies making up the setting to the fantastic fight scenes featuring humans, humanoids, and ‘droids. 

8. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

Avengers: Infinity War (2018)
Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios.

Infinity War (2018) and Endgame (2019) are among the most hyped movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As one member mentions, both films promised an epic fight over the universe’s fate, and they delivered on it effortlessly.

9. Stand By Me (1986)

Stand By Me (1986)
Image Credit: Columbia Pictures

This movie is a winner as it delivers a range of wondrous elements. As one member points out, you get everything from suspense, comedy, friendship, and nostalgia. The drama and phenomenal performances draw you in as the plot takes over.

10. Moonfall (2022)

Moonfall (2022)
Image Credit: Lionsgate (North America).

A reviewer mentions how this is one of their favorite movies of all time. They recall watching the film with a friend and spending at least 20 minutes “ranting and ripping in the movie.” At one point, they even yelled a curse at the moon. Beyond the complexities of cinematography, the film is memorable for making you laugh till your stomach hurts.

11. Terminator 2 (1991)

Terminator 2 (1991)
Image Credit: Tri-Star Pictures.

Nearly everyone watches Terminator to see Arnold Schwarzenegger delve into action, and that’s exactly what you get. As if that wasn’t enough, a viewer humorously points out that “it was not only the second Terminator but there were also two terminators in it.”

12. Rubber (2010)

Rubber (2010)
Image Credit: UFO Distribution (France).

This horror comedy truly delivers the absurdity it promised. It is quite literally a movie about a tire coming to life and making its way down the road. While the filmmakers didn’t promise anything extraordinary, they ultimately delivered whatever little was claimed.

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