12 Hurtful Back-Handed Compliments Celebrities Receive

Back-Handed Compliments
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Back-handed compliments are the worst. One who doesn’t discern easily might miss the scathing undertones. Also, a person may give a back-handed compliment easily without even knowing; still, it doesn’t make it hurt any less, and, let’s face it, most of the time, they are aware of their actions. 

Well, even celebrities are not immune to this — they are only human, after all — and often experience the worst versions of it. These 12 types are among the most hurtful and need to be addressed. 

1. Partner Praise

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This happens when a celebrity’s partner is perceived as less attractive than them when they are older, fatter, less beautiful, or suffering from a disability.

People act like the celebrity is doing a favor by loving who they choose to love and offer compliments like they are some hero for sticking with a ‘flawed’ person. Folks can take those compliments and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine. 

2. ‘You’re So Confident’

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This ‘compliment’ is very common. Why would anyone comment on the photo of a famous person they consider overweight or unattractive and applaud their ‘confidence’ for being proud of themselves? It is appalling. Everyone should remember only to dish out what they can take and remember that celebrities, for all their fame, have feelings, too.

3. ‘Don’t Let Anyone Tell You You’re Not Worthy/Beautiful!’

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But darling, no one ever said that. Why would you go to a celebrity’s wall and assume? The audacity is baffling! Here’s where everyone needs to be reminded to say genuinely lovely things or shut the heck up.

4. ‘A Beautiful Face’

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When talking about plus-size people, most people use phrases like ‘she has a beautiful face.’ Why not just call them beautiful without the qualifier? Every part of them is gorgeous, and they should never get to doubt that. 

5. ‘You Look Like You Give Great Hugs’

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In other direct, patronizing words, ‘You’re fat.’ Many plus-size people report hearing this ‘compliment’ very often and how uncomfortable it makes them, even though hugs are nice.

Celebrities don’t need to hear this, too, but they don’t offer free hugs, either, so the joke’s on you. 

6. ‘See How You Age When You Are Unproblematic’

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This automatically concludes that ‘ugly’ people or look like their old age (since all celebrities can’t be Paul Rudd) are bad people. No, everyone ages differently, and some invest more in looking younger. They are not unproblematic or good people because they invest thousands in skin care.

7. Throwbacks

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For goodness’ sake, throw the throwbacks back where they came from. Sure, occasionally posting a famous person’s throwback is fine. However, it becomes problematic when those are the ONLY photos you enjoy posting.

A famous case is Lana Del Rey, where fans enjoy posting her photos and videos from a decade ago. It suggests she’s less beautiful because she gained weight and grew older.

8. ‘I Miss Her The Old X’

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POV: You’re enjoying Beyoncé’s or Sam Smith’s videos on YouTube or TikTok, open the comment section to see what other fans think, only to see comments like “I miss the old Bey.” Then listen to the old Bey and try not to burden the internet with the lack of intelligence. 

9. ‘I Don’t Understand How X Could Cheat On X’

Black woman why shrug
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‘You’ll rarely see a man’s significant other or their personal lives being brought up when discussing their talents,’ someone writes. 

It’s as if the one they consider more beautiful should be the one cheating, not the other way around, and as though beauty is the most important quality. Isn’t that messed up?

Another person jokes: ‘I highly doubt Jay Z cheating on Beyoncé is going to influence if Steve, who works in the petrol station, is going to cheat on you.’

10. ‘She Looks Good For Her Age’

woman face palm disbelief
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Shoot me in the arm, please. This one is even more hurtful when someone way younger than the one in question says it. Let famous people age like ordinary people and stop policing their looks. You can say, ‘Her body looks great!’ without adding the “She looks great for her age.” Seriously, know when to stop. 

11. Black Celebrities Being ‘Well Spoken’

Angry and confused man asking what
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We’re sorry they can’t read and write like the rest of the world. This one is not just condescending but also racist. Unless that celebrity speaks English when it is not their first language, resist the burning urge to use this line. 

12. ‘What’s Your Secret?’

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We’ve heard this often when a celebrity loses weight, and people quickly comment that they miss when they were thicker. 

It’s funny that once they lose weight, the commenters who say they miss the old them ask for their ‘secrets.’

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