12 of the Absolute Stupidest Conspiracy Theories of All Time

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Some conspiracy theories are so crazy that it comes as a shocker that people believe them. But as some say, everything is a conspiracy if you look hard enough. Besides, conspiracy theories make the world even more fun. 

Still, some theories are silly and make no sense — no matter how you think of them. Here are 12 of them. 

1. Flat Earth Theory

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This is one of the most significant debates in the history of humanity. Is the Earth flat or not? Tired of the debate, one person has concluded that the Earth is the shape of a doughnut and that Mars is indeed a chocolate bar. 

Now, that’s an argument you can’t dispute. Shame on you, scientists. 

2. Australia Does Not Exist 

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Australia is the largest country in Oceania and the sixth-largest country globally. It comprises many islands and is famous for its rainforests and marine reserves. But what if it is all an illusion? Some think it is and that everyone in Australia is a paid actor. 

Some Australians confirmed Australia does not exist, so if you’ve ever been to Australia or met a native, it was all a dream. 

3. Walkable Cities Are To Control People

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Every city can’t be Beijing. The world needs balance — or we might incur Thanos’ wrath.

Are walkable cities small for the aim of controlling and keeping people confined to small spaces, or are they small for the sake of it? Walkable cities are great, too, mainly because you don’t need a car to get everywhere.

4. Chemtrails 

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Chemtrails are streaks that planes leave in the sky as they fly past, which are only water vapor. Or is it? Some don’t believe the blatant lie. 

According to them, chemtrails are biological chemical toxins that “poison our minds” into mind control, control the weather, and even turn frogs and toads gay. We say no man should have all that power. 

5. Planes Can’t Fly

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Each passenger enters the plane holding a balloon, making it float to the sky together. Or some other way, they get the aircraft above ground because some people don’t believe planes can fly the way they were designed. 

They think the weight of fuel cannot fit into the size of the tanks, and if it did, it would make the plane too heavy to fly. 

6. Global Warming To Raise Taxes

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Global warming is a rising concern, whether or not people choose to acknowledge it. Some think the government “invented” it to raise taxes. Wouldn’t it shock them to know that everyone has a part to play in curbing or increasing the threat of global warming? 

7. Pizza Gate 

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According to some, Heaven’s Gate may not be real, but Pizza Gate certainly is. You’re in for a treat if you’ve never heard this theory. Pizza-Gate believers opine that many rich and powerful people gather in the basement of an unremarkable pizza restaurant that, get this, does not even have a basement. 

They arrive at a random pizza restaurant and vanish to the basement, where they assault children. 

8. Aliens And Reverse Vampires

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Thanks to The Simpsons, the world now knows there’s such a thing as a reverse vampire: vampires who live during the day and need to get back to their coffins before the sun sets. 

What’s a conspiracy theory without aliens? This one suggests aliens and reverse vampires are causing parents to go to bed early “to eliminate the meal of dinner.” 

9. The Moon Landing Being Fake

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It may be true that the moon landing is fake, and the only man who ever walked on the moon is Michael Jackson. 

Oh, who are we kidding? No one ever landed or walked on the moon because the moon doesn’t exist. You’d think people must have accepted the truth by now. 

10. 9/11

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Someone shares their favorite stupid conspiracy — a missile hit the Pentagon on 9/11, not AA Flight 77. Somehow, the missile knocked over lamp posts on both sides of the street without detonating and still hit the target while leaving behind wreckage with the American Airlines logo on it. 

11. Jewish People Take Over

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What if Pinky and Brain are Jewish, which is why they plan to take over the world every night? 

It would make sense since folks believe Jewish people have that one agenda to rule the world. But do they? Or are they only trying to survive? 

12. The Return Of The Dinosaurs

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Ross Geller has dreamt of this day one too many times. The day the dinosaurs finally return — the lizards are here to ensure that. 

There’s a swirling conspiracy that the “meteor” that hit Earth was a spaceship that the dinosaurs left to avoid the ice age. They had a contingency plan, too. They sent “lizard people” to control industries to warm Earth back to the dinosaur’s ideal temperature, and they are trying to involve nuclear wars to clear the landscape for the dinosaurs’ return. 

That explains global warming, too. 


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