12 Of The Worst Comedians That Are Not Funny

Amy Schumer
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Welcome to the wacky comedy world, where being funny is the game and laughter is the currency. While humor is subjective, some comedians have not quite tickled the funny bone of audiences. Read further as we dive into twelve comedians that are not funny, according to members of an online community.

1 – Ellen DeGeneres: From Fun To Flat

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi
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Host of her talk show, she has been a comedy staple in the industry for decades. However, many have had enough of her ‘quirky’ humor and perky persona. For most, her jokes lie flat, and her pranks seem more annoying and childish than funny. Some even accuse her of being fake and insincere! But hey, at least she can dance like no one’s watching, right?

2 – James Corden: Broadway Misfit

James Corden
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While some find his infectious energy and penchant for music endearing, others can’t fathom the hype! From his late-night show to carpool karaoke, the internet’s collective sighs and side eyes make it clear that he is not everyone’s cup of tea.

3 – Jimmy Fallon: Cringe Fest

NEW YORK, USA - SEP 16, 2017: Jimmy Fallon, American TV presenter, Madame Tussauds NY wax museum.
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They say laughter is the best medicine! But it seems most have not received the prescription from this comedian. From the over-the-top scripted laugh to his constant breaking of character, his attempts at being funny do not hit the mark for many forum users. 

4 – Brendan Schaub: MMA to Meh-Meh-Meh

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This former MMA fighter may have knocked out opponents in the octagon, but his attempts at stand-up comedy fall short for some. From awkward pauses to cringe-worthy punch lines, it seems he should stick to grappling rather than giggling. 

5 – Amy Schumer: Queen of Controversy 

Amy Schumer
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This one has made a name for herself with her raunchy and mostly controversial humor. One user suggests her promiscuous content is synonymous with noise pollution, while another says sex jokes are just ‘low-hanging fruits.’ For some, her jokes are crass, lacking in wit, and rely too much on the shock value. If laughter is contagious, consider her the cure!

6 – Carlos Mencia: Punchline Plagiarism 

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Infamous for joke theft and insensitivity towards marginalized groups, his humor has left many members scratching their heads rather than laughing out loud. 

7 – Jimmy Kimmel: Politically Unfunny

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According to some, his growing controversial political commentary and advocacy have sucked out the fun from his comedy. And his punchlines feel as if they were meticulously crafted to elicit nothing more than polite chuckles from the audience.

8 – Jay Leno: Laugh Leno More

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Well-known for his tenure as a late-night talk show host, he has made his mark on the entertainment industry. However, for some users, he falls short of delivering the comedic punchlines that tickle our bones. Maybe the predictable jokes or dependence on safe, mainstream humor leaves people craving something more. 

9 – Lilly Singh: Super Bland

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Popularly known as Superwoman, she has amassed a large following on social media apps like YouTube and Instagram. Despite her popularity, some users feel that although she is relatable, her comedy is too forced; watching her videos is like being stuck in a never-ending dad joke. Yikes!

10 – Joe Rogan: Punch Lineless 

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Joe Rogan is a man of many talents but comedy isn’t one of them, say some. Perhaps he should just stick to the podcasts, where he can talk about all things wonderful without needing to make people laugh. 

11 – Larry the Cable Guy: Git’ Er Laughin’

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Many argue his reliance on crude humor and stereotypical portrayal of Southern culture are outdated and offensive. Moreover, the millionaire’s gimmick of trying to be relatable just gives a sour taste, says one.

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