12 Phrases People Are Sick to Death of People Saying to Them

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I’ve lost count of the times people (specifically men) have told me I would be so much prettier if I smiled more. Each time I roll my eyes and walk away, sometimes I say that I hate when people tell me that. They gasped and stepped back, shocked that a woman responded to their assumption I should always plaster a smile across my face. An internet thread discusses the top 12 phrases they wish people would stop saying. 

1. Why Are You So Quiet

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The best response to “Why are you so quiet” is “Why are you so loud,” according to a user who frequently hears this comment. Sometimes people stay silent when they have nothing helpful to add to the conversation or when the topic shifts often. 

2. You Need to Be More Outgoing

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This statement upsets those who prefer to stay to themselves. Introverts and extroverts coexist in the world. Not everyone needs to befriend every person they meet, and it is okay to want to stay home and relax without the company of others. 

3. Just Stop Thinking About It

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“I’ve tried to explain my anxiety to people by telling them I’m not actually anxious about the thing I’m focused on. I’m anxious, and it’s fixated on something. If that is resolved, the anxiety will find something new to attach to. A lot of people seem to think my anxiety must be justified, but really it’s usually a thing that’s happening to me,” someone shares about this phrase.

4. I’m Only Trying to Help

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Many users confess the statement that rubs them the wrong way is “I’m only trying to help.” According to a few contributors, those who say this end up causing more hurt than assistance. 

5. You Should Smile More

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“I’m a fairly peppy extrovert when I’m out in public, but I’m a female, working in retail, so the second I don’t smile, some jackass always has to say something,” a smiley commenter admits. No matter where you are, don’t tell someone to smile more. You never know what they’re going through.

6. You’re Too Young

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“Me exactly. I have no idea why, but my knees sometimes hurt particularly bad ever since I was 22. ‘You’re too young for that’ or ‘Wait until you get older.’ How about something is obviously wrong right now because I know the way my knees feel is not normal,” a respondent adds.

7. You Need To Start Having Children to Start Your Life

You Need To Start Having Children to Start Your Life
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Millions of people lead successful, contented lives sans children. A parent chimes in, stating their kids’ lives take precedence once they’re born. All your interests and dreams pause while you raise your kids.

8. What Other People Will Think of Me

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“It’s your life, and you have your own brain. If you’re going to always listen to other people’s opinions, you will be their prisoner,” one independent thinker asserts. 

Your goal in life is to make yourself happy. Others will judge you and make fun of you. It’s your responsibility to lead a life that makes you happy. 

9. No One Wants to Work

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A coworker a few years ago told me no one wants to work these days and basically suggested unhomed people choose to be lazy. Several people on this thread pen that they’ve experienced excruciating job searches that yielded no results for years.  

10. It’s All Downhill From Here

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“People who say their best years were in high school make me sad. Like, do you really enjoy more being a teenager than being a fully independent adult? That stinks,” someone who disagrees with that phrase writes. 

11. You Need to Lose Weight

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A forum member states they roll their eyes whenever someone tells them to lose weight. They say they constantly try to lose weight, but their metabolism works less quickly than others. Plus, you know your body better than anyone and should never comment on someone’s body. 

12. You’re Too Sensitive

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In high school, my friends and teachers constantly told me I was too sensitive since I showed emotions and possessed some feelings, unlike the others in my school. One user claims that when you stick up for yourself, you get mislabeled as abrasive and sensitive, despite how a situation or comment makes you feel. 


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