12 Popular TV Shows the Internet Voted Don’t Deserve the Hype

Love Island
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In talk around the water cooler, there are certain television shows that people claim are the greatest things to hit the airways. Whether these shows deserve the fan accolades that they receive is a different story. An online community was recently asked to name the shows they felt were overhyped and just aren’t that good, and the group members didn’t hold back in the least.

1. The Bachelor and The Bachelorette

The Bachelor
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These wildly popular dating shows only got a little love online. Aside from the unrealistic idea of picking a life partner out of approximately two dozen people, the participants are either unlikeable or have an agenda. A commenter in the thread says the show is “full of women just trying to start their influencer career. It’s a boatload of cringe and terrible people.” Another says they’re all terrible people and none should marry.

2. Friends

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The smash ensemble hit from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s didn’t get a lot of hate. But numerous people didn’t understand why so many people were (and still are) crazy about a sitcom that was alright at best. One show defender writes that it holds a special place in the hearts of those who grew up in that era and that the pull of nostalgia makes it so beloved.

3. Grey’s Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy
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Still going strong after 19 seasons and countless casting changes; quite a few contributors agree that they can’t understand why people love this show so much. Someone else believes they know the secret to the show’s longevity and popularity: beautiful actors on screen week in and week out. Others admit to not liking the show, but they can’t stop watching it.

4. The Office

The Office
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The Office has tons of loyal fans who consider any criticism of it nothing less than blasphemy. It’s also the source of a lot of great internet memes. But some users online didn’t find the show funny, even though they acknowledged that some content was intentionally cringy and embarrassing. Somebody also contends that The Office thinks it is Parks and Recreation.

5. Love Island

Love Island
Image Credit: ITV Studios.
Another reality dating show with baffling levels of hype is Love Island. People in the thread couldn’t get into the show’s premise, in which many beautiful singles are housed in an isolated villa and have to pair up with someone else to avoid being sent home. A group member remarks it was like a massive psychological experiment being televised.

6. Yellowstone

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The acclaimed neo-Western drama starring Kevin Costner is entering its fifth and final season in the latter part of 2023. Despite its appeal to many viewers, Yellowstone has its share of online critics. One calls the show a cowboy soap opera. At the same time, someone else compares it to Sons of Anarchy, but on horses instead of motorcycles.

7. This Is Us

This Is Us
Image Credit: Rhode Island Ave. Productions.
During its six-season run, This Is Us earned a well-deserved reputation as a family-oriented drama written to tug on the heartstrings of its viewers. That made the series a watch event for some, but it was a turn-off for others. A respondent writes, “It’s so schmalzy and self-congratulatory and over the top.” Another party feels each episode started to feel like “a very special episode” and lost its emotional impact.

8. How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother
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As one of the more polarizing on the list, How I Met Your Mother is the kind of show that people either love or can’t stand. Quite a few online viewers of the program are diehard fans. However, there were several critics of the sitcom, with most comments revolving around it being unfunny and the characters portrayed as shallow, annoying, and unlikeable.

9. Sex and The City

Sex and The City
Image Credit: Darren Star Productions.
The problem with Sex and The City is twofold. First, it just didn’t age that well. A lot of the content that was acceptable when the show first aired is rather cringeworthy today. Second, the characters aren’t the kind viewers can like or relate to. A former viewer of the show describes how her husband calls it “that show about the vapid, immature, self-centered chick who never works but always has money, her two shallow friends, and Samantha.”

10. Full House

Full House
Image Credit: Kim Jong-hak.
In its heyday, Full House was one of the most popular family-friendly shows on television. Its wholesomeness was a large part of its appeal to audiences. But as some of those viewers matured and started watching it again in repeats, they didn’t care for the jokes, the over-the-top predicaments, and the saccharine-sweet messaging.

11. Euphoria

Image Credit: The Reasonable Bunch.
This definitively not-safe-for-work drama about troubled teens is heavily praised by critics and fans alike, thanks to the performance of Zendaya and her fellow castmates. However, at least one person in the online group was less impressed. They believe the acting quality is overhyped and that the storylines seem like they were created as the most dramatic fan fiction about high school a writer could think of.

12. The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory
Image Credit: The Reasonable Bunch.
For fans of the show, the exploits of a bunch of socially awkward geniuses and their stunningly beautiful neighbor were comedic gold. Not everyone shares that opinion. One viewer insists it was the dullest sitcom ever made, and another feels it started promisingly but soon became like other sitcoms. Other viewers state they aren’t fans of the overt sexism in the show.

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