12 Things Boomers and Gen X Were Taught That Turned Out To Be False

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Most of the things that Gen X and Boomers were taught or told to be the truth turned out to have little to zero facts attached to them. Most of them are false, half-baked, or even incomplete, and it’s great that the changing times have exposed them for being nothing other than faux. A discussion on an online community led folks to share things from these older generations that have been discovered to be a lie; here are 12 of them.

1. Calculators Aren’t Going To Be Reliable

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Calculators have been around for a long time now. They have proved helpful, and most people use them for simple and complicated maths. There was a time teachers weren’t as stoked with their students using calculators. They used to warn them to learn to calculate because they won’t always have one at their beck and call. Could they be any more wrong?

2. Working For A Big Company Ensures Long-Life Benefits

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Maybe this was a thing, but that was a long time ago with a few companies. It’s not something we see happen as much, and it’s almost like the belief was a myth.

The comments agree that the reality is that thousands of people get laid off from their jobs after working for so long and before they get their pensions. Only a few companies genuinely care for their employees — it’s why your job shouldn’t be your entire life.

3. Don’t Go Swimming After Eating

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This myth has existed for a while; no one knows how it started, but it’s time to debunk it. They believed one couldn’t swim or go into the water immediately after eating. Maybe the myth started because some adults needed to catch a break from supervising the kids in the pool or cleaning vomit; we have no idea.

4. Growing Older Means Understanding Things

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“You will understand when you’re older” was a famous phrase back then. But now, we are all older and still need help understanding; most are even more confused than they were twenty years ago. Maybe adults used the phrase to act like they knew what they were doing when they were equally unsure about many things.

5. There Are The Golden Years

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Hear me out. There aren’t “the best years” of anyone’s life. It surely isn’t when we are too old to work, our bodies are not at 100, or we get ill. What were they thinking? It could be true back then, but it sounds like a joke when you look at it now. There’s no perfect time, so waiting for one wastes precious time. There’s only now. Do the things you can do now and enjoy life.

6. College Is Everything

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No, it isn’t. Going to school is great, yeah, and if you can afford it, why not? But it should not be shoved down everyone’s throat; it is also not the only way to get a good job. One person shares, “20 years of student loan debt later, I’m a believer in doing what feels right for YOU. I wish I’d done things differently, but don’t we all? Sigh.” School is important, but it isn’t everything. Not everyone can attend college, and it’s okay.

7. The Same Opportunity Is Open To Everyone

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Again, who came to this conclusion? There are a million and one reasons that different people have different opportunities. Only that squashes every atom of truth in that statement. It might serve as an excellent motivational speech to make someone believe they can achieve what they put their mind to, but we know better.

8. Work Hard, Do Everything Right, And You Would Achieve Your Dreams

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If this was the case, won’t it be as easy as slaving night and day, and everything would fall into place? Don’t get me wrong, hard work pays, but so does smart work, luck, connections, generational wealth, and the right timing. Some people have done it all, but things ended up differently than they hoped or wanted. The bottom line is that there is neither a straight nor defined path to success.

9. Getting A Suntan Is Healthy

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Going outside for a few minutes is great and healthy for you. Anything more than that could be an issue. Research has shown that getting a sun tan can damage the cells on your skin, cause dryness, and speed up aging on the skin. More than that, tanning can also lead to skin cancer. If direct exposure to sunlight is so healthy, why do we have sunscreen now? Aim for about 15 minutes of sunlight, and be careful not to overdo it.

10. Gum Takes Seven Years To Digest

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You’re allowed to laugh at this; I do every time I see or hear it. Anything that would take your body seven years to break down and digest isn’t food. I’m unsure which is more annoying, the myth itself or that people believed it. Gum may stick to things easily, but it doesn’t stick to the stomach wall for seven years.

11. Everyone Must “Grow Old Gracefully”

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Someone else mentions the myth about people growing old. They noted that the idea that people should accept that they have to grow old and become old at heart is finally something of the past. Some people already accept the physical decline in their mid-40s and 50s when they can still do so much.

Now, we have 80-year-old bodybuilders. We don’t have to let ourselves go or allow our minds to age because we are getting older. “Older people are finding it possible to look good and feel good — It’s just plain fun to be this way!” Someone adds. It only takes extra effort from you and making healthier decisions for yourself and your future.

12. Grown-Ups Are Mature

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Unlike the saying, maturity has more to do with personal decisions and little to do with age. How people decide to interact with others, react and respond to the things life throws at them shows how mature they are. In more situations than one, we have seen some older people act immature and younger people act mature.


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