15 Absurd Myths That People Still Believe Today

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It is odd to see how folks would accept anything and never fact-check. One Google search is all it takes to know you’re wrong. Users of a popular online forum gathered to discuss absurd myths people continue to believe today. Here are some lies that’ll leave you astounded.

1. Money Talks, Corporations Walk (All Over You)

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I have news for you if you think corporations care for anything besides money. As many people point out, corporations exist solely for the motive of profit maximization. 

2. The Alpha, the Beta, the Gamma: Men or Radiation

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We need to put an end to the whole Alpha and Sigma Male fiasco. It’s absurd and causes much harm by limiting men to compartments. As a person commented, even the wolves don’t believe it.

3. How to Be a Cool Kid: Be a Jerk to Everyone!

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A user mentions there’s nothing remarkable about being horrible to someone with a different point. However, a second person highlighted that it all comes down to the kind of opinion. In any case, being horrible never puts anyone on a pedestal. 

4. Blue Blood, Bad Blood

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High school science teachers have lied to us for ages, but fret not, my friend; it ends here. One member had to explain to a grown-up that blood is, in fact, red. But I bet you grew up hearing it was blue until it hit the oxygen in the air.

5. Trickling Down on You: The Economic Lie That Won’t Die

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Numerous folks point out that trickle-down economics is a lie we’ve been told for decades. It works about as well as a leaky faucet.

6. Red Pill, Blue Pill

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If you think a pill will make you lose weight without changing your lifestyle, I might as well call myself the president. One person mentioned how people continue to buy into such scams. No magic potion will reverse your age or make you skinny. 

7. From Rags to Slightly Better Rags: The Truth About the American Dream

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According to someone who is a partner to an immigrant, the concept of the American dream works only partially. You may not reach the top, but you can do better than living paycheck to paycheck.

8. Flat Earth Society: Members ‘Round the Globe

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It pains me to say that flat earthers are a real community and not an elaborate joke. People point out how large-scale the movement is, and it’s pretty unsettling. 

9. Gum In Your Tum

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One person recounts the childhood myth that gum takes seven years to entirely pass through your digestive system. As a second-person adds, it was a tactic used by moms to keep kids from swallowing the gum. Can you blame them?

10. MSG: Mmm, So Good 

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Countless forum members state that MSG gets a bad reputation due to baseless assumptions. One clarifies getting into an altercation with their health-conscious wife over MSG. Yes, it is a chemical, but so is everything else. 

11. You’re Smarter Than You Think (Because You’re Not Just Using 10%!)

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We must stop believing that humans only use 10% of their brains. As someone points out, it is as absurd as saying we only use 33% of a traffic signal.

12. Rain or Falling Daggers?

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If people had paid attention in physics class, we wouldn’t be out here thinking that dropping a penny off a skyscraper would puncture someone’s skull. An individual notes that if this myth were true, raindrops would’ve killed us all by now. 

13. More Money, More Tax

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Making more money doesn’t mean you’ll lose it all to taxes. As several highlighted, you only get taxed on the excess amount, so making more money and taking home less is impossible. So don’t say no to that raise!

14. Fake Moon Landings

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I know much of what you see on TV isn’t real, but the moon landing wasn’t fake. I mean, come on. There were six of them. As a member points out, other countries would’ve called out the States if it were fake, especially Russia.

15. Swallowed Spiders

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Among many absurd lies is the scare of eating spiders in your sleep. It’s impossible since spiders will not knowingly enter a predator’s mouth. I think it was a way for parents to get you to sleep with your mouth closed. Geez, thanks, Mom!

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