15 Best Racing Games For Low End PC

Racing Games enthusiasts constantly look for new games, and companies introduce many games yearly. These games are getting more advanced in graphics, gameplay, and features. Nowadays, games demand higher specifications, given their size and CPU usage, but not everyone can afford them.

Racing Games range from standard system requirements to optimal specifications directly related to the graphics and features the game offers. Gaming enthusiasts who want to play these games but have a minimum configuration also have a variety of games to choose from. Here’s a list of Racing Games that can run on low-end PCs.

  1. Burnout Paradise

        Developers: Stellar Entertainment Limited, Criterion Software, Stellar Entertainment

        Released: 2008

        Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Microsoft


Burnout Paradise is the sixth edition of the Burnout series, an open-world racing adventure. The racers race their way through a city called Paradise City, and they can play events in various locations around the city, including stunts, rages, and races. The game is very open in its approach, as one can take their route to the finish line. The game can run on low- to mid-spec PCs without any issues.

  1. Flatout/ Flatout 2

        Developers: Bugbear Entertainment

        Released: 2006

        Platforms: PlayStation Portable, macOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux

The Flatout series is a demolition game for PC, and both versions consist of a standard lap race and a demolition derby. The derby game is fun if one wants to run through opponents with maximum damage while keeping oneself safe. Both games have similar features, the only difference being that the latter comes with upgraded physics and visuals.

  1. Test Drive Unlimite / Test Drive Unlimited 2

        Developers: Eden Games

        Released: 2011

        Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

The open-world racing game, Test Drive Unlimited is a series of games where one can explore the map of Oahu and Ibiza. Racers can roam around the map and participate in various events across the island. They will have multiple cars they can unlock or buy, and one can progress through the game by earning experience points. Both games work very well on PCs and laptops, even ones with the mid-level specification.

  1. Fuel

        Developers: Asobo Studio

        Released: 2009

        Platforms: PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360

Fuel takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting and is an open-world arcade racing game with a vast map to cover. Racers can enjoy riding across various terrains, forests, mountains, and deserts. They can race across the map and different races with different types of weather experience and day and night. The vehicle list is impressive, and one can pick their favorite car to race with it.

  1. Blur

        Developer: Bizarre Creations

        Released: 2010

        Platforms: Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3

Blur, developed by Bizzare Creations, is famous for its creative racing games and lives up to that. The game combines combat racing and realistic arcade racing that comes across as innovative and new. The game offers an array of 64 events, including destruction, boss battles, and racing. Blur offers solo as well as local online players with stunning in-game surroundings. The game has much to offer in terms of gameplay but can run on PC with low to mid-specifications.

  1. Need for Speed Carbon

        Developers: EA Black Box, EA Vancouver, Global VR, Pocketeers

        Released: 2006

        Platforms: PlayStation 3, macOS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2

The tenth edition in the popular racing game series Need for Speed is Need for Speed Carbon. The game occurs in Palmont City, and players can participate in various street race events. Racers can earn money and fame by buying new cars or upgrades. These upgrades are a must for maximum optimization of their vehicle performance.

  1. Midnight Club II

        Developer: Rockstar San Diego

        Released: 2003

        Platforms: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Microsoft Windows

Midnight Club II follows the footsteps of its predecessor and is packed with content. The gameplay is solid and is the only edition on the series that runs on PC. Racers can ride across an open-world map, and the game consists of various checkpoints passing through which players will be able to complete the game. The game comes with low system requirements.

  1. Juiced / Juiced 2

        Developers: THQ Digital Warrington, Paradigm Entertainment

        Released: 2007

        Platforms: PlayStation Portable, Xbox 360, PlayStation  2, Nintendo DS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3

The Juice series racing games offer a fantastic old-school experience on one’s PC. The game provides a good car selection, and Juice 2, in particular, has an arcade feel racing environment. The second edition of the series also has a career mode through which racers can collect money and use it to get new cars or update and modify the ones in their collection. Both of these games will run on low to mid-end PCs or laptops.

  1. L.A. Street Racing

        Developers: Groove Games, Invictus Games, Bedlam

        Released: 2006

        Platforms: Microsoft Windows

L.A. Street Racing is a P.C. exclusive racing game with street racing and impressive drift control and mechanics. The gameplay is challenging, and the game tries to combine the arcade racing experience and realism. L. A Racing has minor issues but can run on basic and low-end PCs.

  1. Split/Second

        Developers: Groove Games, Invictus Games, Bedlam

        Released: 2010

        Platforms: PlayStation Portable, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, iOS, Micro Edition, Java,  Xbox 360, Java Platform

The game focuses on combat racing and destruction, which is a part of a fictional TV show. Racers will ride through several tracks where they can go on a destructive streak and enjoy the chaos this game has to offer. Split/Second presents various challenges players need to survive to prevent elimination. Gamers can also cause maximum damage to their opponents, which can be enjoyable for many riders.

  1. Sega Rally Revo

        Developers: Sega Racing Studio, Bugbear Entertainment

        Released: 2007

        Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, IBM PC compatible, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation Portable

The fourth edition of the Sega Rally series provides an off-roading experience for riders with a complete focus on arcade gameplay. The visuals are impressive, and the game is control-responsive. The game has over thirty licensed cars for one to choose from, and the various terrains offer a selection of different off-road vehicles. Sega Rally Revo has good graphics and can run across multiple mid-range setups.

  1. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2

        Developers: EA Black Box, Manley & Associates, Electronic Arts, EA Vancouver

        Released: 2002

        Platforms:   Microsoft Windows, GameCube, Xbox, PlayStation 2

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 comes after the Speed series’s famous Need For Speed III. It is the sixth edition in the same series and is similar to the games released before it. The game occurs across various tracks; the only thing that matters is reaching the finish before one’s opponents and dogging the police. Racers will enjoy the variety of cars they can choose from.

  1. GRID Autosport

        Developers:  Feral Interactive, Codemasters, Codemasters Racing

        Released: 2014

        Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, macOS, Mac operating systems,Android, Nintendo Switch, iOS, PlayStation 3, Linux

GRID Autosport is a racing game that is the ninth edition of the Toca game series. The game focuses on realistic driving courses and taking on opponents to ensure sponsorship. The game offers career modes divided into seasons and various teams one can choose from. The game also has real-world and fictional circuits to provide a wholesome racing experience.

  1. Richard Burns Rally

        Developers: Warthog Games, Eidos Interactive, Gizmondo Studios Manchester

        Released: 2004

        Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Gizmondo

Richar Burns Rally is arguably one of the more realistic rally games. The game offers fantastic physics compared to the competition, with highly detailed graphics during the time of its release. Rally comes with thirty-six courses from various parts of the world. Riders can choose from eight licensed cars and run across multiple low to mid-spec PCs and laptops.

  1. OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast

        Developer: Sumo Digital

        Released: 2006

        Platforms: PlayStation 2, Xbox, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation Portable

OutRun is the ninth racing game in its series and has extra features. The game comes with two modes and a new mode compared to its predecessor, Coast 2 Coast. The new method offers unique challenges and missions, from racing to completing the passenger’s request. OutRun has various cars to provide and fifteen locations for players to run.

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