15 Common Misconceptions Movies Perpetuate

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Movies are the breeding ground of creativity and ideas. However, in defiance of reality, they perpetuate some myths about how things work. Film fans share fifteen common misconceptions that movies succumb to.

1. One-Day Grocery Shopping

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Do you ever see the main character of a film barge into their home with a meager brown bag of groceries? That amount won’t last you more than a few days. Coming home after doing grocery shopping for the month is not as compact as Hollywood will have you believe. We’re talking about paper bags overflowing with goods, fruits dropping out, and a boring bundle of receipts.

2. Teenager Trope

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In movies, teens are shown hanging around in groups and doing various rebellious things when most are alone doing school work or just doing harmless activities like watching a movie together. Also, that flawless skin you see on screen is a lie. Many teens in real life will have acne and several other physical developments due to puberty. As a user aptly states, “Hollywood shows teens as fully-developed rebels when they’re really just funny-looking, awkward normal people.”

3. Missing Person Myth

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How often have you seen crime-thrillers where a person goes missing, and the cops say that an individual must be gone for at least twenty-four hours before filing a missing person’s report? As one points out, the twenty-four-hour waiting period is entirely false since police officers stress the importance of reporting an absence as soon as possible!

4. Genius Gene

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Hollywood has a knack for propagating the child prodigy concept and showcasing intelligence as an entirely innate characteristic. Viewers are often frustrated by the ignorant and over-simplistic portrayal of intelligence as it completely negates the amount of effort and hard work that goes into being intelligent.

5. Falling Flawlessly

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In nearly every action movie, there’s a typical scene when a character falls off and casually holds on to the edge with one hand. They’d also hold another person with their other hand to make it more dramatic! Now, don’t try this at home but falling, in reality, is never as smooth, and if you manage to grab the edge, it’s hard to last for more than a few seconds.

6. “I Woke up Like This”

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This is a classic lie as movies have you believe that many get out of their beds with a full face of makeup and their hair loosely but intentionally arranged. Many can attest that when waking up, your hair is all over the place, the makeup smudged if you didn’t remove it the night before, and not a drop of the morning glow Hollywood promises.

7. Attorney Atrocities

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If a real lawyer shouts at the judge, they’ll be shut down immediately. And let’s not forget that a significant chunk of their time is spent doing paperwork in their offices and “not walking briskly through the long hallways while trading witticisms with their colleagues. Clients don’t pay us for that,” a fan explains.

8. Minesweeper Gone Wrong

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Real landmines have no clicking sounds, and there’s no time to respond and flee from the situation. A movie enthusiast who is also an apparent landmine expert mentions that in the case of a small mine, there will still be considerable damage to the toes. There is no escape from a larger mine.

9. Childbirth Conundrum

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In films, a newborn looks cute with illuminated eyes. In reality, however, babies will be covered in a white wax-like substance with wrinkled skin. Their eyes also don’t open for a while as they have to adjust to the bright environment.

10. On the Phone With the Phone On

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When on a call, your phone screen turns off automatically to prevent the touch sensors from activating and causing unintended inputs from the face. However, many movie scenes will show characters talking on the phone with a lit display. At least, the actor can be applauded for carrying the scene so well, even if they’re not talking to anyone.

11. College Life Lessons

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Alas, college life is never as eventful as movies have you believe. There are no daily parties or regular raves. Instead, there are many textbooks and breakdowns over academic pressures and the financial strain of paying tuition.

12. The Airport Chase

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Tons of dramatic airport chase scenes are at odds with reality. Somehow a character bypasses the security to run after their romantic interest or to stop the antagonist from fleeing. In either case, we’re never shown the part where the character gets arrested for breaching security.

13. Colorful Chemicals

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Unfortunately, real chemistry laboratories are never as exciting or colorful as the ones in Hollywood. On-screen, you get to see chemicals in orange, red, blue, yellow, green, and more hues! In reality, as one highlights, a typical undergraduate laboratory often has only two colored solutions: potassium dichromate, which is orange, and potassium permanganate, which is pink.

14. Mandarin Mishaps

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One frustrated viewer is fed up with the new trend in Hollywood where a person’s intelligence is determined by their ability to speak Mandarin. Think of Amy Adams in Arrival (2016) or Christian Bale in Batman Begins (2005). Sometimes, the character must navigate a meeting with a Chinese representative by speaking Mandarin, which any speaker can recognize as flawed.

15. Clever Conversations

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Yes, well-written scripts demand every dialogue to be purposeful and intentional. However, in doing so, it is often forgotten that regular conversations are rarely ever so coherent or quippy. As a movie enthusiast remarks, “Even a scientist from MIT isn’t saying groundbreaking things all the time, unlike what movies have us believe.”


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