15 Things That Scream “I’m Poorly Educated”

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Sometimes it’s not hard to look at someone and wonder if they flunked out of high school. Their actions tend to alert people that they’re not the sharpest tool in the shed.

A recent online discussion asks for examples of things people do that scream, “I’m poorly educated.” Here are the top responses. 

1. Being Unable To Understand Nuance

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It’s easy to understand things that are black and white. When you add shades of gray, however, it can trip people up.

There’s nothing worse than dealing with someone who can’t comprehend nuance.

2. Treating People Who Speak With An Accent As If They’re Inferior

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Just because someone has a foreign accent or one’s native language isn’t English doesn’t mean they’re dumb.

You don’t need to talk. Like. This. They can understand you perfectly fine. 

3. Using Buzz Words Without Knowing What They Mean

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People use flashy buzzwords to sound smart while not realizing what they mean. 

You don’t sound smart doing this. If anything, you sound poorly educated.

4. Sharing Social Media Posts That Are Clearly Scams

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We’ve all seen them. “If this post gets 500,000 likes, I’ll give everyone $5,000!” 

The worst are ones from social media accounts that ask personal questions like “What street did you grow up on?” In reality, they’re trying to figure out what your passwords are. 

5. Refusing To Admit When You’re Wrong

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There is no shame in being wrong.

Just because you’re speaking loudly doesn’t make you right, either.

6. Taking Pride In Not Being Knowledgable About Certain Topics

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Intelligence is “the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.”

Being proud of not knowing about a specific subject is, well, the opposite of intelligence.

7. Having The Unwillingness To Learn

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On a related matter, if you lack curiosity, how can you ever expand your horizons and become more knowledgeable? 

8. Calling Someone A “Looser”

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The correct term is “loser.” Looser just means that they’re not tight fighting and can be detached easily.

9. People That Refuse To Take Advantage Of Their Opportunities

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For some people, the act of attending college is a major accomplishment. They work hard, save money, and are rewarded with the chance at an education.

Then there are the people who can get into the country’s most prestigious universities and refuse to take advantage of them, refusing to learn anything in their classes.

10. Thinking The Earth Is Flat

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There’s a reason why every experiment a flat-earther performs tells them the Earth is round. 

The experiment isn’t flawed; your thinking is. 

11. Telling Subject Experts That They’re Wrong

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Whether it’s willful ignorance to trying to impress people without knowing who they are, trying to tell experts in their field that they’re wrong is a good way to tell that someone is poorly educated. That’s like telling Michael Jordan the ins and outs of basketball. 

12. Someone Saying They Did Their Own Research

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Looking up a YouTube video isn’t doing research; it’s finding validation for your incorrect beliefs. 

13. A Lack of Basic Geography Knowledge

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I used to have a co-worker who couldn’t pick out any of the states on a blank map. Texas? Nope. California? Nah. Florida? Absolutely not. It was embarrassing.

14. Having Children They Can’t Afford

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There’s nothing wrong with having a child and starting a family. But future parents need to be aware of the commitment it takes. Kids aren’t cheap and require an extensive amount of time to raise them. 

15. Saying, “I Could Care Less”

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It’s “I couldn’t care less.” Saying that you could care less means that you, in fact, could indeed care less. 

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