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15 Worst Classic Rock Songs of All Time

covers CD by THE BEATLES.
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Classical rock comes to mind when we think of timeless hits that spiced up our earlier years, adding lyrical colors to our days. We adore them for their iconic anthems and radio repeats that never get boring. They serve as roadmaps of the years to help us relive our favorite memories. Not every rock song was, however, worthy of rave reviews, and even some of our A-list artists had their share of classical missteps that had fans thumbing down. An internet fandom of classic rock music considers these tracks the low of all lows — do you agree?

1. We Built This City — Starship

We Built This City — Starship
Image Credit: Grunt/RCA Records.

Starship’s “We Built This City” is often tipped as one of the worst classic rock songs due to its lackluster lyrics and poppy sound. A thread participant says “We Built This City” evokes some “guilty pleasure” whenever he listens. A second person says the song holds no value other than serving as his nostalgic pathway back to the ’90s and early 2000s.

2. Dancing in the Street — Mick Jagger and David Bowie

Dancing in the Street — Mick Jagger and David Bowie
Image Credit: Gordy.

What should be an iconic collaboration of legends falls short due to its awkward video, one person explains. “The music video might be so bad that it’s good.” A respondent argues that the parody of “Dancing in the Street” with just sound effects (and no singing) is more enjoyable than the original.

3. Oh Daddy — Fleetwood Mac

Oh Daddy — Fleetwood Mac
Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Someone declared, “The ‘Daddy Song’ on the Rumor album tops the list of worst classical rock songs of all time.” A second person says they cannot agree more. “Every time I am out working in my garage with music blaring, I have to quickly run to my phone or iPod to skip it because it makes me feel awkward.”

4. Revolution 9 — The Beatles

The fabulous Beatles depicted as they cross on the pedestrian crossing
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A cacophonous experiment of some sort, many fans do not find the avant-garde approach of “Revolution 9” a pleasant listen. A reviewer says he always considered the song “an auditory trip. It’s not even a song as much as experimental audio.”

5. Kokomo — The Beach Boys

Kokomo — The Beach Boys
Image Credit: Elektra.

Often panned for its overly commercial feel, a lover of classical sounds would put “Kokomo” in the “so bad that it’s good” category. Another critic agrees that the song is under par but describes the beat as “incredibly catchy.”

6. Wild Honey Pie — The Beatles

covers CD by THE BEATLES.
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A second Beatle song makes the list, and critics on the thread describe it as rudderless and without redeeming qualities. “It’s just grating,” someone adds. A contributor on the thread says the lack of purpose in the lyrics of “Wild Honey Pie” may be why the song starts and ends “so quickly.”

7. Love in an Elevator — Aerosmith

Love in an Elevator — Aerosmith
Image Credit: Geffen.

For its cheesy premise and the lack of authenticity that characterizes classical rock hits, many thread users consider “Love in an Elevator” a smear to rock music. A contributor describes it as “pretty atrocious,” while another thinks it “catchy as heck” but nothing more.

8. Living on the Edge — Aerosmith

Living on the Edge — Aerosmith
Image Credit: Geffen.

The critics aren’t done with Aerosmith, and many etched “Living on the Edge” on the checklist of outright bad classical songs of all time, citing its disjointed arrangements. “‘Living On The Edge’ is worse, in my opinion, than ‘Love in an Elevator,'” a forum member contends. A respondent, who disdains everything on the song, wants to see Aerosmith on the face of the Anti-Greatest Hits of all time.

9. Freedom — Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney performs at the Fourth of July concert
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Missing its mark for its simplistic lyrics and uninspiring melody, one individual argues that Freedom “might be the worst song ever written.” In agreement, another thread participant describes it as a “horrible pandering nationalistic nonsense.”

10. Mr. Roboto — Styx

James Young with Styx performs live at the Dow Event Center.
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Some critics call “Mr. Roboto” by Styx the worst song of all time, but others want to cut the band some slack. One reviewer argues that the lyrics and beats of the song feel contrived and awkward, while others state that although the song is terrible, “Mr. Rotobo” cannot be the worse of all time.

11. Abracadabra — Steve Miller

Abracadabra — Steve Miller
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From one individual’s viewpoint, “Abracadabra” isn’t all that bad, save for its repetitive lyrics and for falling short of Steve Miller’s better works. A second person says he doesn’t “think it’s a terrible song. Just not as good as his other stuff.”

12. Hats off to Roy Harper — Led Zeppelin

Robert Plant and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin perform at Nassau Coliseum
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A forum member labels “Hats Off to Roy HarperJ” as a “terrible ending to a great album.” Another individual describes it as largely disjointed in tune and message. A final contributor says her trouble with the rock track is how every verse sounded like it’s being lifted from a country blues song.

13. Mother — The Police

Close up of The Police band vinyl record album covers
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A critic explains why “Mother” lacked fun and lyrical attraction. He states, “I think it sounds exactly how they wanted it to sound.” Another forum member describes the song as “A head-scratcher that I always skipped.” It turns out nobody likes the sound of “Mother” after all.

14. Illegal Alien — Genesis

Close up of The Police band vinyl record album covers (1)
Image Credit: Atlantic.

Someone thinks “Illegal Alien” should make the list because it is lyrically bland without meaningful traction. Another critic thinks he likes the song but would agree it’s pretty cringy, especially for how Phil Collins tries to mimic some strange Hispanic accent.

15. Keep On Loving You — Reo Speedwagon

Keep On Loving You — Reo Speedwagon
Image Credit: Epic.

A critic on the thread considers “Keep on Loving You” as “a step down from the REO that came before it.” Another reviewer shows no surprise at the first rating, tagging it a nonsensical pop song by a ludicrous pop band. A final forum member believes that REO Speedwagon wasn’t all that bad at all.


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