20 Best Elden Ring Bosses Ranked (Not Just Based on Difficulty)

Best Bosses in Elden Ring

The Elden Ring bosses order is tall, featuring some of FromSoftware’s best battles to date. This Dark Souls open-world game is massive and intricate, with enough unique boss fights to keep you on your toes.

A majority of discussion regarding the bosses tends to be about their difficulty. We, too, have a list of Elden Ring bosses ranked by difficulty. However, we now shift our focus to the best Elden Ring bosses in the Elden Ring boss order and beyond.

The factors taken into account for the best Elden Ring bosses are the boss locations/arena, boss design, OST, theme/lore, and more. Also, some of the best Elden Ring weapons are dropped by these bosses, so there’s that.

*Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.*

Best Elden Ring Bosses (20 – 11)

Our list contains a mix of bosses, from the Elden Ring boss order all the way down to mini-bosses.

Also, do note that the Elden Ring boss order mentioned below is based on how we approached the game so your experience might be slightly different.

20. Fire giant

Fire Giant Elden Ring Best Bosses
Image Credit: FromSoftware

Fire Giant Location: Mountaintops of the Giants, near Foot of the Forge grace.

Elden Ring Boss Order: 11th, after Morgott the Omen King.

Remembrance of the Fire Giant: Giant’s Red Braid whip or Burn, O Flame! incantation.

The Fire Giant may be a touch above the usual giant boss fights in the Souls series. However, the boss design still feels a bit lacking as you can’t see what’s happening most of the time. Moreover, nudging players to target the Fire Giant’s weak left foot doesn’t help. Most of the boss fight is just chasing down his foot.

Regardless, the second phase cutscene and design along with the beautiful backdrop of the Erdtree, put the Fire Giant boss fight into this list.

19. Elemer of the briar

Elden Ring Best Minibosses Elemer of the Briar
Image Credit: FromSoftware

Elemer of the Briar Location: Shaded Castle in Altus Plateau

Elden Ring surely has its fair share of really well-designed mini-bosses and Elemer of the Briar is one of them. When you enter the boss arena, you probably think that he’s just another knight. However, as the sword glows red and starts flinging around across the room, you realize he cut you down from afar.

With a pretty cool boss design and arena, Elemer of the Briar is one of the best Elden Ring bosses / mini-bosses.

18. Regal ancestor spirit

Best Bosses in Elden Ring Regal Ancestor Spirit
Image Credit: FromSoftware

Regal Ancestor Spirit Location: Nokron, Eternal City, near Ancestral Woods.

Remembrance of the Regal Ancestor: Winged Greathorn or Ancestral Spirit’s Horn talisman.

Graceful is the keyword for the Regal Ancestor Spirit as well as for its weaker counterpart in Siofra River. This boss fight isn’t designed to be difficult and that actually adds to the quality of this encounter.

The serene atmosphere and soundtrack here are sure to evoke some level of sadness for the elegant creature.

Regal Ancestor Spirit makes its way among the best bosses in Elden Ring simply because of how immersive its boss fight is. Especially if you encounter it early in the game, as you will realize that Elden Ring bosses aren’t just about brute force.

17. Commander niall

Best Elden Ring Minibosses Commander Niall
Image Credit: FromSoftware

Commander Niall Location: Castle Sol, Mountaintops of the Giants.

Since when were Elden Ring bosses allowed to summon spirits? Although, as per his design and title, Commander Niall has a really apt moveset. Aside from his knight summons, the commander has slow-moving but deadly attacks. He uses his staff/flag to call upon ice storms while his prosthetic leg can deliver incredible lightning attacks.

Fighting a commander at the top of a castle with a fitting moveset and design makes it one of the best boss fights in Elden Ring.

His dropped weapon, Veteran’s Prosthesis, is also one of the best Elden Ring weapons for lightning based builds.

16. Astel, naturalborn of the void

Best Elden Ring Bosses Astel Naturalborn of the Void
Image Credit: FromSoftware

Astel, Naturalborn of the Void Location: Lake of Rot.

Remembrance of the Naturalborn: Waves of Darkness, Ash of War, or Bastard’s Stars.

Elden Ring Boss Order: Mandatory for Ranni’s questline only.

Astel is one of the best Elden Ring bosses in terms of pure aesthetics. Equally alluring and petrifying, this boss fight looks like something pulled from the cosmic depths of Bloodborne. Additionally, it’s unlikely to expect Astel’s boss arena to look like that after passing through the Lake of Rot.

The boss design itself is interesting. A cosmic scorpion whose body is made of bones but tail and wings made of stars. Astel’s moveset reflect its theme and design perfectly as well.

15. Draconic tree sentinel

Best Elden Ring Bosses Draconic Tree Sentinel
Image Credit: FromSoftware

Draconic Tree Sentinel Location: Capital Outskirts, Leyndell Royal Capital & Crumbling Farum Azula.

Elden Ring Boss Order: 6th, after Starscourge Radahn

The Tree Sentinel is one those Elden Ring bosses that makes players rage quit, especially newcomers.

The Draconic Tree Sentinel then takes the challenge and boss design up a notch. The new additions of magic and long-range sniping fire balls make for a much more dynamic boss fight in Elden Ring, on foot and on horseback. His magical options added on top of the already hulking melee swings make him formidable and memorable. The heroic OST is another awesome cherry on top.

Moreover, the Draconic Tree Sentinel at Farum Azula drops the Malformed Dragon Set, which is one of the strongest Elden Ring armor sets.

14. Lichdragon fortissax

Best Elden Ring Bosses Lichdragon Fortissax
Image Credit: FromSoftware

Lichdragon Fortissax Location: Deeproot Depths, near Prince of Death’s Throne grace.

Remembrance of the Lichdragon: Fortissax’s Lightning Spear or Death Lightning.

Elden Ring Boss Order: Mandatory and final Elden Ring boss for Fia’s questline.

Many of the best Elden Ring bosses are hidden away in its side quests. As the final boss for achieving the Age of the Duskborn ending, Lichdragon Fortissax is thematically astonishing.

A black, four-winged dragon radiating with red lightning and death blight speaks to FromSoftware’s boss design capabilities. Regardless, it still retains some of its golden tinge, probably owing to its connection with Godwyn the Golden.

The choirs in the Lichdragon OST accurately drive the terrifying nature of the dragon while the melody gives the feeling of turmoil and finality.

And how epic is this:

Epic Dual Lightning Lichdragon Fortissax

13. Godskin apostle

Best Bosses Elden Ring Godskin Apostle
Image Credit: FromSoftware

Godskin Apostle Location: Divine Tower of Caelid, Crumbling Farum Azula, and more.

The Godskin Apostle is one of the best bosses in Elden Ring for multiple reasons.

One, an absolutely captivating soundtrack. It is beautiful yet twisted, and feels like it has a story to tell. It is a classic FromSoftware soundtrack.

Two, the whole Mr. Fantastic stretching act coupled with the use of black flame coming from Godskin Apostle feels thematically unnatural (rightly so) and fun to play against. Additionally, this design philosophy is carried over to Godskin Noble as well.

Also, the Godskin Apostle boss locations are holy and disturbing, be it the Divine Tower of Caelid or the Windmill Village. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of Godskins is their duality, aptly represented through their OST, boss designs, and locations.

Godskin Apostles also drop one of the best Elden Ring weapons, items, and more, since you encounter them many times.

12. Rennala of the full Moon

Best Elden Ring Bosses Rennala of the Full Moon
Image Credit: FromSoftware

Rennala of the Full Moon location: Raya Lucaria Academy.

Remembrance of the Full Moon Queen: Rennala’s Full Moon sorcery or Carian Regal Scepter staff.

Elden Ring Boss Order: 4th, after Red Wolf of Radagon.

This two-phase battle for a Great Rune nail the atmospheric aspect of an Elden Ring boss fight. A rather calming soundtrack accompanied by the creepy lullabies of the students with their mother-figure Rennala floating in the air with a womb adds sadness and depth to the character. Rennala is really passive in the first phase, with very few defenses and fewer offensive options.

Phase two is a different game altogether. Ranni conjures the true version of Rennala, one whose mastery of magic puts her among the ranks of demi-gods even though she actually isn’t one. The music, atmosphere, and design are stunning. Arguably the best boss in Elden Ring that’s a pure mage.

11. Elden beast

Best Bosses in Elden Ring Elden Beast
Image Credit: FromSoftware

Elden Beast Remembrance: Marika’s Hammer or Sacred Relic Sword.

The actual final boss in Elden Ring takes a few notes from Rennala to deliver a richly atmospheric boss fight. Dragging down Radagon after his thundering battle with the Tarnished, the Elden Beast emerges as the true embodiment of the Elden Ring.

Although ranking this among the best Elden Ring bosses can be polarizing, there is no denying that experiencing the Elden Beast boss fight for the first time was unforgettable.

Perhaps what makes Elden Beast ranked lower is that it doesn’t feel personal. The Isshin and Soul of Cinder boss fights had better impact as final bosses because we knew these characters all along.

Best Bosses in Elden Ring (10 – 1)

All the big names from the Elden Ring boss order, excelling in most factors for the best boss fights in Elden Ring.

10. Godrick the grafted

Best Bosses in Elden Ring Godrick the Grafted
“Forefathers, one and all…Bear witness!”

Godrick the Grafted Location: Stormveil Castle.

Remembrance of the Grafted: Axe of Godrick or Grafted Dragon.

Elden Ring Boss Order: 2nd, after Margit the Fell Omen.

Ah, the power of a cutscene. If not his boss design or soundtrack, Elden Ring players will surely remember Godrick for cutting his arm clean off to replace it with a dragon’s head. Hence, the title of “Grafted.” However, that’s not all. As the weakest demi-god in Elden Ring, Godrick’s attacks are slow and limited.

What makes him terrifying, regardless, is his pure disdain for the Tarnished as well as his love for grafting. The soundtrack perfectly embodies that. Not to mention his deranged laughter as he uses the newly grafted dragon to burn the player alive.

Overall, not only is he one of the best Elden Ring bosses, but he boasts an equally epic soundtrack and maybe the best cutscene.

9. Mohg, lord of blood

Mohg Lord of Blood Nihil

Mohg Lord of Blood Location: Mohgwyn Palace, near Dynasty Mausoleum Midpoint grace.

Remembrance of the Blood Lord: Bloodboon incantation or Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear.

Mohg, similar to Godskin Apostle, is one of the best bosses in Elden Ring in terms of the soundtrack. It is a perfect sync between Mohg’s diabolical motivations and the royalty of his stature as the Lord of Blood. Furthermore, his black trident and use of blood magic that sets the ground on fire on impact are reminiscent of the Devil himself.

After what is an absolutely insane transition to phase 2, Mohg reveals his black wings, and his spear is imbued with bloodflame. Covering chunks of the arena with bloodflame and coupling them with massive melee swings, the last stand against this omen is intense, to say the least.

8. Dragonlord placidusax

Best Elden Ring Bosses Dragonlord Placidusax
Image Credit: FromSoftware

Dragonlord Placidusax Location: Crumbling Farum Azula.

Remembrance of the Dragonlord: Dragon King’s Cragblade or Placidusax’s Ruin incantation.

The best Elden Ring boss as far as dragons go, Dragonlord Placidusax is an optional boss you can’t miss. Dragonlord has a pretty spacious and epic arena, which somehow resembles the Colosseum. Phase 1, is chill, as Dragonlord stays more on the passive side.

Just a few claw slashes and fire breaths here and there. However, phase 2 is where the arena, soundtrack, and design all come together.

The whole disappearing act adds a lot of suspense to the battle. Not to mention the move wherein Dragonlord disappears into the air while leaving behind a thunderstorm for you to worry about. So, while you’re focused on the storm, Dragonlord will suddenly swoop in from the air for a massive claw strike.

Next, he will shoot lasers all over the arena with the red lightning storm serving as an epic backdrop. This whole sequence is just legendary.

Laser Show Dragonlord Placidusax
Image Credit: FromSoftware

FromSoftware has added style and variety to a lot of the common types of Souls battles in Elden Ring. With so many epic moves, range, and teleportation tactics, it’s unbelievable that Dragonlord Placidusax can be so easily missed. But then again, that’s true for a lot of the best bosses in Elden Ring.

7. Rykard, lord of blasphemy

Best Bosses Elden Ring God-Devouring Serpent
Image Credit: FromSoftware

Rykard Lord of Blasphemy Location: Mt. Gelmir, near Audience Pathway.

Remembrance of the Blasphemous: Blasphemous Blade or Rykard’s Rancor sorcery.

Elden Ring Boss Order: 9th, after Godskin Noble.

Elden Ring has quite a number of crazy boss fight cutscenes. Rykard’s cutscene might be the most disturbing of them all. While this boss fight is often considered a gimmick fight, there is still a lot to it that makes it one of the best boss fights in Elden Ring.

Rykard’s backstory is already disgusting and horrible enough, having fed himself to the great snake in order to walk the blasphemous path and devour the very Gods. Then, the whole Volcano Manor questline and philosophy add more depth to Rykard’s tale. Thanks to this whole setup, Rykard ranks high among the best bosses in Elden Ring. He may just rank the highest for Miyazaki as well, character-wise.

Rykard Hellish Phase 2
Image Credit: FromSoftware

FromSoftware has its fair share of disturbing boss fights. However, very few feel as hellish as Rykard’s boss arena, especially when he conjures all those skulls that keep hurling toward you. Rykard’s voice actor does a great job too.

6. Radagon of the Golden order

Best Elden Ring Bosses Radagon of the Golden Order
An epic journey

Elden Ring Boss Order: 16th, after Godfrey, First Elden Lord.

The final boss fight of Elden Ring is filled with iconic moments. First off, just the whole cutscene with Marika transitioning into Radagon as he picks up the hammer looks back with the Elden Ring revealing itself. The best part about all of it? The remixed version of the Elden Ring main theme playing in the background, telling us “This is it!”.

Second, his three-time hammer strike with the Elden Ring AoE in phase two is one of the best moves an Elden Ring boss has pulled in the game. Moreover, Radagon’s abilities have an amazing mix of melee and magic effects that make the fight almost rhythmic.

5. Malenia, blade of miquella

Best Bosses Elden Ring Malenia Blade of Miquella
The face of Elden Ring

Malenia Blade of Miquella Location: Elphael, near Haligtree Roots.

Remembrance of the Rot Goddess: Hand of Malenia or Scarlet Aeonia incantation.

“I am Malenia, Blade of Miquella.” These words are forever etched into the minds of those who have faced one of the hardest bosses of all time. Regardless of her difficulty and controversial Waterfowl Dance, Malenia is definitely one of the best bosses in Elden Ring.

She’s a legend with the sword, the only one capable of going toe-to-toe with the mighty Radahn. Her soundtrack and her fighting style are proof of that.

As you face Malenia at the root of the Haligtree, a place once home to her brother Miquella, the poised yet lonely soundtrack complements her calculated and elegant sword strikes. Her strikes are well-drawn out and technical, ranging from stabs, and slashes, to slams. No wonder she feels like a Sekiro boss.

She keeps the scarlet rot within her in check at all times. However, distressing situations, such as threats to her life or her brother’s, cause the rot to overtake her, bringing her closer to godhood.

Malenia Goddess of Rot
“You will witness true horror”

Emerging as the Goddess of Rot, Malenia combines her masterful sword combos with rot incantations. The visual design, arena, voice acting, and everything else are just as good as how difficult this fight is.

4. Starscourge radahn

Elden Ring Best Bosses General Radahn
Image Credit: FromSoftware

Starscourge Radahn Location: Caelid, in the Redmane Castle.

Remembrance of the Starscourge: Starscourge Greatsword or Lion Greatbow.

Elden Ring Boss Order: 5th, after Rennala of the Full Moon.

Perhaps the demi-god whose boss fight isn’t merely a boss fight. It’s a damn war. Similar to Rykard, the setup to Radahn’s battle successfully adds the tension and hype needed. As the tale goes, Radahn is sadly a shell of his former self, thanks to Malenia’s scarlet rot corroding away his mind.

Nonetheless, he’s still loved by his warriors for his former honor and he still remains loyal to his steed, Leonard, just as the steed remains loyal to him. Hence, the Radahn festival. A gathering of warriors from all over, tasked with giving Radahn a true warrior’s death.

Starscourge Radahn Phase Two

Charging towards the Conqueror of the Stars with all the NPCs, especially Blaidd and Alexander, is too epic for words. Not to mention that this boss fight makes good use of NPCs and horseback combat. Moreover, Radahn crashing in like a meteor in phase two is another moment that will stay with players for long. There really is no better way to describe this boss fight other than a “celebration of war”.

He’s one of the best bosses in Elden Ring for the sheer scale of his fight. Also, players can get the Starscourge Greatsword from this battle, one of the best Elden Ring weapons for Str/Int and weapon art.

3. Maliketh, the black blade

Maliketh the Black Blade Phase 2
“Aight, imma head out”

Maliketh the Black Blade Location: Crumbling Farum Azula, near Beside the Great Bride.

Remembrance of the Black Blade: Black Blade incantation or Maliketh’s Black Blade.

Elden Ring Boss Order: 13th, after Godskin Duo.

The top three best bosses in Elden Ring are so close in terms of quality, that switching them wouldn’t feel unfair by any means. Starting off the countdown is Maliketh, the Black Blade. As the guardian of the Rune of Death, it is said that there is not one demi-god who didn’t fear Maliketh. Rightly so, as he can end the fight as soon as it begins (or as soon as phase two begins).

As if the boss arena wasn’t cool enough, Maliketh can launch himself off of the pillars and launch red flame arcs from the air. Similarly, Maliketh shows a lot of agility in the battle. On the other hand, he’s not really tanky. Hence, there’s a fair and fun challenge in facing him.

Besides, Maliketh is visually stunning. His black and golden armor reflects his association with Death and the Golden Order.

Best Bosses in Elden Ring Maliketh

You can further elevate this boss fight by doing the Volcano Manor quest and killing the Recusant Bernahl invader at Farum Azula. He will drop the Blasphemous Blade item, allowing you to parry a couple of Maliketh’s attacks.

2. Godfrey, first Elden lord / Hoarah loux

Best Bosses in Elden Ring Godfrey First Elden Lord
Absolute king

Godfrey First Elden Lord Location: Leyndell, Ashen Capital, near Queen’s Bedchamber.

Remembrance of Hoarah Loux: Axe of Godfrey or Hoarah Loux’s Earthshaker ash of war.

Elden Ring Boss Order: 15th, after Sir Gideon Ofnir.

The battle against Godfrey, First Elden Lord is probably the most poetic of them all. Standing at the end of the long struggle are two tarnished warriors, one who once was the Elden Lord and one who is vying to be.

Unlike other Elden Ring bosses, a sense of mutual respect is present here, as Godfrey addresses us as “Tarnished warrior”. The Elden Throne boss arena is the most fitting and iconic in the game, perfect for a battle of this weight. The soundtrack is cued at the perfect time as Godfrey calls upon his name and prepares for the fight.

Moreover, the weight and impact of this battle is translated so well into his moveset. Each axe movement and swing feels strong and realistic. Not to mention that Godfrey’s Earthshaker is the most commanding, king-level moves ever.

Also, dodging and attacking him during his combos is really satisfying, every time. His timings are easy enough to read but not too easy to be taken lightly.

Hoarah loux (Phase 2)

However, phase two is a completely different fight as he embraces his bloodlust once more.

Elden Ring Bosses Godfrey Slam

Phase two is against Godfrey’s true warrior form, Hoarah Loux. Abandoning his lion and ax, he takes on the Tarnished with his bare hands. What a legend. This part of the boss fight feels straight out of Tekken as Hoarah Loux uses punches, slams, kicks, grabs, and more to tear us apart. That’s no joke.

If you are to die from any of his grab attacks, he literally tears you apart as the “You Died” text appears on your screen.

Elden Ring Bosses Godfrey Killing Move
Sadness ahead

Powerful music for both phases, commanding voice and boss design, iconic arena, and much more. Godfrey is sure to end up among the top five of most people’s lists of best bosses in Elden Ring.

In fact, he would be the best boss in Elden Ring if not for…

1. Morgott, the omen King

Best Bosses in Elden Ring Morgott the Omen King
One of the best delivered lines in Souls games

Morgott the Omen King Location: Leyndell Royal Capital, near Queen’s Bedchamber.

Remembrance of the Omen King: Regal Omen Bairn or Morgott’s Cursed Sword.

Elden Ring Boss Order: After Godfrey, First Elden Lord (Golden Shade).

The best boss in Elden Ring, Morgott the Omen King, faces you one last time at the foot of the Erdtree, overlooking the Elden Throne.

He first encounters us as Margit the Fell Omen at Stormveil Castle, warning us that he will remember us. As we finally step into the throne room, he walks down, naming each demi-god from Godrick to Ranni, claiming all to be “willful traitors” and “pillagers.”

While the rest of the demi-gods were warred for the Elden Ring, Morgott assumed the role of guardian and protector instead, even though shunned by his family for being born an omen. Duty-bound and loyal, Morgott aims to put our ambitions to rest for good.

Even in terms of pure boss design, Morgott shines. His conjured weapons are an amazing innovation for Souls bosses due to the sheer level of unpredictability it brings. You never know if he’s going to conjure daggers, swords, or spears.

Each weapon brings its own combo and range. He can be as swift as Malenia or as deliberate as Godfrey. Not to mention the top-quality animation in his attacks. Moreover, he also switches his conjured weapon mid-combo. For example:

Morgott the Omen King Weapon Switch Dagger

He starts off with the dagger, switches to the sword, and ends with a hammer slam.

Morgott the Omen King Hammer Slam

Additionally, Morgott feels similar to Genichiro from Sekiro in terms of design. Someone you keep facing at various points of the game to test your skill.

Final Thoughts

Morgott is a tragic figure through and through. He perished feeling forsaken by the Greater Will and was rejected by everyone except Godfrey and maybe Godwyn. Regardless, he was alone in protecting his home and felt the guilt of his omen curse all along. At the start of phase two, he says, “the thrones…stained by my curse…such shame I cannot bear”.

Finally, his remembrance states, “Though born one of the graceless Omen, Morgott took it upon himself to become the Erdtree’s protector. He loved not in return, for he was never loved, but nevertheless, love it he did.”

With potentially the best voice actor in Elden Ring, immensely tragic yet heroic lore and soundtrack, remarkable design, memorable arena, and more, Morgott ranks the best boss in Elden Ring.

If you enjoyed this ranking of the best Elden Ring bosses, make sure to check out our Elden Ring guides to experience these special encounters.

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I prefer video games capable of delivering powerful experiences, innovation, and competition. I like to talk about such games and offer something valuable to others with my writing and videos. And I don't mince words when doing so.

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  1. Disappointing choice for 1st place. Morgott’s fight does a disservice to his Margit counterpart – he’s just not imposing at all, being unbalanced for the point of the story he’s featured in. He’s easy solo and laughably pathetic with Ash Summon.

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