20TH Anniversary Xbox Controller Accidentally Leaked by Best Buy

Xbox 20th Anniversary Controller Leaked
Photo Credit: Best Buy

Best Buy has leaked the new 20th anniversary Xbox controller ahead of the official announcement from Microsoft.

Microsoft teased the release of the new controller on Wednesday and almost immediately following that announcement Best Buy Canada posted a page for the controller which marks the 20th anniversary of Xbox.

On the Best Buy page, the company revealed that the 20th Anniversary Xbox Special Edition controller would be officially released on November 15, 2021, marking 20 years since the debut of the system.

The 20th anniversary Xbox controller features a transparent design with a black-and-green color pallette. Microsoft has also chosen to print a 20th Anniversary logo onto the controller.

Xbox 20th Anniversary Controller Leaked
Photo Credit: Best Buy

Based on Best Buys’ blunder, the controllers are going to sell for $80 CAD. If that pricing remains the same for US customers the cost will be around $63 USD.

20th Anniversary Xbox Controller at Best Buy
Photo Credit: Microsoft / Best Buy

Written by Boss Level Gamer