343 Industries Feels Everyone’s Pain Regarding Halo Infinite Progression

343 Industries Feels Everyone's Pain Regarding Halo Infinite Progression

It’s been about two weeks since the multiplayer launch and Halo Infinite progression is still a sensitive subject.

Jerry Hook, Head of Design at 343 Industries, tweeted out that despite being on vacation for the Thanksgiving holiday, the team is fully aware of the issues. It is their top priority as they return to the office this week.

Despite its popularity, people have been left frustrated with Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta. The main topic of concern is the Halo Infinite progression system in place. It simpyl takes way too long to unlock rewards, cosmetic customization feels under-delivered, and cheating is starting to ramp up as well.

While Hook didn’t specifically tweet about that last topic, he’s aware of concerns.

343 Industries Feels Everyone's Pain Regarding Halo Infinite Progression
Source: Jerry Hook’s Liked Tweets

Brian Jarrard, Community Director for 343 Industries, also chimed in last week during Thanksgiving break. He stated that the “constructive feedback” regarding Halo Infinite progression is being heard “loud and clear.”

Jarrard also stated that the team is taking a “much-deserved break for the holiday after a long final stretch.”

343 Industries is saying the right things regarding Halo Infinite progression for its battle pass. If leaks regarding the upcoming Tactical Ops Event are true, that’s a step in the right direction as well.

Once news breaks about updates and changes, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, here’s our initial Halo Infinite Multiplayer review.


Written by Jake Valentine

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